Participant learning about decision making


Take a deep dive into the world of consumer decision making.

Deciding is far more complicated than it looks. If only we could get inside the heads and hearts of our customers. Well, now you can. The Brains and Guts of Decision Making curriculum takes you behind the scenes of consumer behavior, providing insights and tools to help you better understand and influence the behaviors of customers, colleagues, and other key stakeholders.

In eight sessions held over four days, you will:

  • Discover how cognitive and noncognitive forces impact decision making, and specifically how one force can erase or amplify another
  • Learn how to use choice architecture and create decision situations for stakeholders
  • Understand how to intensify a decision and its outcome by leveraging emotions, senses, and motivation 

The thoughtfully-developed curriculum is designed for high impact in a short amount of time. You’ll engage deeply with world-renowned researchers in faculty-led sessions and participate in live demos and interactive, multimedia case studies of consumer brands.

Course Highlights

How the Brain Sees Value

Unlocking the mysteries of consumer decision making can help you influence desired behaviors of your stakeholders to achieve your business goals. Learn to identify factors and limitations that influence people’s decisions, understand what happens when people grow tired of making choices, and determine the limits of influence that companies have on their employees’ choices.

The Root of Gut Response

Explore your understanding of human behavior and psychology with a focus on the “gut” aspect of decision making. Come away with frameworks that help you structure and explore gut response, and a formula for shaping the gut response of others.


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