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To help you pursue these coveted goals with respect to your own life, this course draws on the best scientific findings and most important ideas emerging from the latest research exploring who among us is happiest with the lives they are living and why. It turns out we know a great deal about why some individuals manage to successfully create deeply fulfilling lives for themselves, while others often flounder and ultimately fail in this quest.

To enhance your personal learning, a unique feature of this course is its use of a variety of reflective and experiential exercises designed to stimulate your thinking about the kind of life you would like to create for yourself.

Key Topics

  • Understanding how your use of time impacts happiness and fulfillment
  • Exploring your feelings about your past
  • Crafting a more meaningful life story
  • Mastering the present moments more fully

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to use your time more productively to achieve greater fulfillment
  • Mastering proven psychological and behavioral techniques that will enhance personal happiness
  • Practice injecting more meaning into your personal and professional goals
  • Rethinking your life story (also called your autobiographical narrative) and how that story affects your thinking, feeling, and decision making
  • Articulating more clearly what you hope to achieve in life overall

Learning Model

This course is offered in four modules and each module extends beyond theory and enables you to put your learnings directly into practice for real-time results. Videos, case studies, simulations, and personal feedback on select assignments will enhance your understanding of course concepts.

Once you pay, you will unlock course material for 60 days and can save select materials for future reference.

Course Flow


Rania Helaihel
Associate Director, On-Demand Courses Executive Education