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FinTech: Navigating Its Evolving Competitive and Regulatory Landscapes

FinTech: Navigating Its Evolving Competitive and Regulatory Landscapes

Explore the economic forces reshaping financial services and their implications for building competitive advantage and designing sound regulations.

Innovation in financial technology combined with novel business models are leading companies in the financial services industry — incumbents and recent entrants alike — to reassess their competitive advantages. At the same time, regulators are striving for timely, constructive guidance that balances the benefits of increased competition against their concerns about financial stability. FinTech: Navigating Its Evolving Competitive and Regulatory Landscapes examines the business opportunities and policy challenges arising from these rapidly moving crosscurrents.

This interdisciplinary one-week program gives you extraordinary access to Stanford’s world-class thought leaders in fintech — faculty who, by drawing upon their cutting edge theoretical and empirical research, are providing strategic guidance to fintech companies and regulators. These faculty members bring expertise from multiple disciplines across the university.

Designed for executives from banking, regulatory agencies, and fintech companies, the program will help you gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The economics of financial platforms
  • Ways that financial regulation may mitigate and amplify financial risks
  • Potential sources of “competitive moats” from artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms and big data
  • The design and regulation of digital currencies

You will emerge with actionable, strategic insights for decision making in the fast-changing financial services sector. What’s more, you’ll gain a truly holistic view of fintech by sharing your experiences with executives who bring diverse objectives and perspectives to the table.

There’s no better place to explore the evolving landscape for fintech than at Stanford GSB, in the heart of Silicon Valley. This comprehensive program exposes you to a distinctive combination of pioneering research, technical expertise, and practical business strategy.

Key Benefits

Gain a deep understanding of the economic forces shaping the industrial organization of financial services.
  • Explore in depth who will be the likely winners and losers as fintechs, bigtechs, and incumbent banks increasingly compete for customers.
  • Discover how “economies of scope and scale” drive choices of product offerings and influence the competitive landscape.
  • Learn why financial service platforms are structured so differently across countries and use these insights to assess future directions of bigtechs.
  • Demystify artificial intelligence and machine learning as you learn the benefits of big data and the practical and regulatory challenges of using black-box algorithms.
  • Explore the interplay between big data, customer engagement, and the strength of your “economic moat” around profitability.
  • Gain insight into the practical, regulatory, and political obstacles to the effective design of digital currencies and fast-payment systems.
  • Discover the ways that the digitization of financial services is changing governance and debate the implications for regulatory oversight.
  • Learn and collaborate with a diverse group of executives from banking, regulatory agencies, and fintech companies to share ideas, challenges, and solutions to the strategic questions on your minds.

Who Should Attend

  • Global executives from traditional and challenger banks; credit unions; insurance and mortgage companies; and fintech firms
  • Mid- to senior-level executives from central banks and regulatory agencies engaged in oversight of the financial services ecosystem


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Hear Faculty Director Kenneth Singleton describe the many benefits of this one-week interdisciplinary program on fintech. Learn about the business opportunities and policy challenges arising in the continually evolving financial services landscape.

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