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Explore fintech from an economic, technical, regulatory, and global perspective and discover new ways to compete and regulate.

How Fintechs and Banks Are Reshaping the Financial Services Ecosystem delivers an integrated, yet highly-focused curriculum over the course of four, fast-paced days. Delve into the forces redefining competitive advantage. Discover some of the implications of digitization for efficient governance of financial services companies. And investigate the interplay between regulation and the optimal structure of the financial services industry. During eight faculty-led sessions you will:

  • Explore the growing competitive synergies between fintechs and banks; and how to strengthen economic moats built on technology, data, and networks.
  • Demystify the use of artificial intelligence and the challenges of using algorithmic “black boxes” in financial decision making; and delve into questions regarding fairness in banking and the democratization of funding.
  • Analyze likely scenarios for the optimal industry structure as fintechs, bigtechs, and incumbent banks compete for market share; and characterize the ways that digitization may fundamentally reshape the governance of financial institutions. 
  • Look beyond the current structure of payments to digital currencies and increasingly fast payments; and explore tradeoffs in designing and regulating digital currencies and the implications for the global monetary system.
  • Imagine the future state of financial services in a post-pandemic environment looking at issues relating to technology, identity, and sovereignty.


Angel Dodson
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education