Innovative Marketing for Strategic Advantage

Participant Profile

Innovative Marketing for Strategic Advantage will add innovation and inspiration to your marketing organization and take your career to the next level.

Who Should Attend

  • Global marketing and business leaders who are motivated to learn, inspired to innovate, and driven to transform their organizations
  • Senior-level executives — from any size company, any industry, and any country — with at least eight years of management experience
Past Participant Spotlight
Manager, Product Marketing and Management, Portland General Electric

“This program was life-changing for me. It's always fun to learn from people who are passionate about their topic — every single professor that presented was passionate and engaging while remaining humble and gracious. It was refreshing and inspiring.”

Past Participant Spotlight
Director, Berggruen Holdings Ltd.

“I think the program was masterfully crafted for a marketing professional who wants to make an impact. Using the tools, methods, and ideas addressed for keeping customer psychology at the center of one’s decision making process will make a significant difference in how I approach my work. In a way, it opened doors that have not been used to their full extent, yet have always been there.”