Photo illustration of LEAD participants in a virtual team meeting.

Stanford LEAD: Corporate Innovation Certificate

The LEAD Experience

Jennifer Aaker
Acquire business skills and strategies through engaging video lectures taught by senior Stanford GSB faculty.
Avaya platform
Participate in real-time, live events and classwide discussions. With our immersive technology, you’ll always feel like you’re in the front row.
Online classroom discussion
Collaborate on small team projects and work in study groups with peers from around the globe.
Engage with faculty members and coaches to ask questions and get direct, individualized feedback.
Charles O'Reilly on Avaya
Interact with Stanford GSB faculty members, Silicon Valley leaders, guest speakers, thought leaders, and luminaries.

Powered by Technology

Stanford’s unique blend of technology platforms brings the intensity, engagement, and academic rigor of Stanford GSB learning to you — wherever you are.

We’re employing a suite of cutting-edge technologies that allow for self-paced learning, peer group collaboration, and a cloud-based immersive space for interactive group experiences. Our ultimate goal: to create an intimate, demanding, and impactful educational journey, one that gives learners the freedom to chart their own course.

Stanford LEAD Certificate Technology Platforms
Learning Platforms
Discover the Stanford LEAD platforms for learning and collaboration.

Learn new skills. Apply what you’ve learned. Repeat. That’s the beauty of the LEAD learning experience. It’s a powerful formula for enacting true change in an organization. With LEAD, you’ll bridge the gap between theory and practice, knowing and doing. Assignments and project work can be tailored to the specific, real-world business challenges that your organization faces.

The Stanford Difference

Drawing on the energy of Silicon Valley, one of the world’s most dynamic centers for business and innovation, LEAD helps you explore new ideas, analyze key issues, and gain fresh insights to create positive change for yourself and your business. Led by Stanford GSB faculty with an immersive, research-based approach to learning, you’ll access the minds that have nurtured and educated the world’s most successful business innovators.

Interaction With Faculty

We purposefully limit class sizes to ensure ample faculty-to-participant time, at both the course and certificate levels. The amount of faculty access varies by course. At a minimum, participants can expect more than two hours of direct (although not necessarily individual) engagement with the faculty per course, and more than 10 hours of additional interaction with faculty, thought leaders, and the learning community.

Continued Access to Course Materials

Some course materials may be available for access after a course has been completed, but not all, due to copyright and licensing issues.

Alumni Privileges

Participants who complete the LEAD certificate program will have access to Stanford Alumni Association Affiliate status. This is the second-highest level of benefits offered by the Stanford Alumni Association, with the highest level being offered only to participants who complete an accredited degree program at the university. This does not include Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni status.