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Feeling stuck in your leadership style? Struggling to connect with your team? Ready to flex your creative muscles?

It’s time to rethink your mindset. Leading with a more open, spontaneous, and agile approach can make all the difference — in how you meet challenges, respond to uncertainty, and inspire others.

The thoughtfully-designed curriculum is drawn from two highly-popular Stanford MBA electives, and is taught by the same faculty. It’s academically rigorous, highly participatory, and fun (yes, fun!).

Designed for high impact in a short amount of time, this eight-session program is the ultimate in learning by doing. Through faculty-led lectures and hands-on interactive exercises, you’ll actively practice what you learn in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Program Highlights

Learn more about a few sessions of this program and explore the sample program schedule for a comprehensive view of each session.

The Improviser’s Mindset: Spontaneity, Failure, and Flexibility

Improvisational acting requires fast, flexible, and creative thinking; intense listening and effective self-presentation; and the ability to act without fear of failure. These skills are also vital for being a successful leader. In this session, you will uncover some of your personal tendencies and practice skills to maximize your leadership agility.

Understanding the Unsaid: Nonverbal and Emotional Communication

In this session, you will learn the meaning that lies behind people’s facial expressions, body postures, and gestures. You will also gain practice portraying and perceiving emotional expressions with an emphasis on broadening your range and calibrating your intensity to deliver the emotional tone best suited for your goals in that situation.


Andy Sikic
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education