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Designing Organizations for Creativity and Innovation

This course focuses on a framework for thinking about the organizational ecosystem, and how we can use a human-centered design process to effectively diagnose the causes of very common organizational problems (e.g., lack of coordination and trust between units, shortage of time for creative thinking, and loss of top talent).

Course Introduction


In this course, we will study the interplay among formal structure, routines, informal networks, and culture in shaping organizational performance, change, innovation, and employee engagement.

Key Topics

  • Understanding organizational dynamics and connecting these to organizational strategy
  • Driving innovation, creativity, and employee engagement via organizational design
  • Using a design thinking approach to diagnose managerial problems
  • Using a design thinking approach to build an innovative culture

Course Faculty

The Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Marineh Lalikian
Director, Stanford LEAD Online Business Program Executive Education