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October 30, 2023

Dear GSB,

I’ve had a chance to speak with many people from the GSB community about the Hamas terrorist attack, the war in Gaza, and how these events are affecting Stanford.

On October 7, Hamas massacred and kidnapped more than a thousand Israelis. I absolutely condemn Hamas’ terrorism and their intentional killing of defenseless civilians. Now we are witnessing a tragic war that threatens millions in Palestine and Israel.

I am hearing fears of rising anti-semitism from students, faculty, and staff across Stanford. And I hear fears of anti-Muslim sentiment. Let us categorically reject this hatred and affirm our shared humanity and the mutual respect that is essential for a great educational institution.

The university gives students and faculty a wide range for free speech. We defend that in order to permit the open exchange of ideas, a foundational university value. We also aim for a higher ideal: for discussion that illuminates and educates, even when passions are inflamed.

Living up to this ideal is difficult. I want you to know that I am proud of the way that students, faculty, and staff at the GSB have responded. There has been much thoughtful discussion. I have seen many acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion.

The students have begun to organize community dinners. A first event last week recognized victims of the Hamas atrocities, and was attended by nearly 300 people. Students and faculty spoke movingly, and expressed gratitude for the support they felt at the school.

My desire as we go forward is to find more ways to bring our community together to share perspectives and learn. I know how many of you share this goal and will contribute to it. I believe that if there is any school that can model the type of empathy and thoughtful discussion we all hope for on campuses, it is the GSB.


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