Activities & Organizations

As a Stanford GSB student, you are part of the greater Stanford University student body. That means you can participate in all extra-curricular programs, organizations, performances, and forums available that make your life as a Stanford student richer.

Featured Program

Student speaking with Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber
Guest Speakers

A student-led program that brings respected global business and government leaders to Stanford GSB to share insights on effective leadership.

Student Clubs

Student-initiated clubs at Stanford GSB provide students with channels to address issues most relevant to them and offer opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.

Clubs invite speakers from companies and organizations, engage the community in awareness and service activities, and build connections that complement classroom learning.

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Adam Smith Society

The Adam Smith Society seeks to stimulate and promote discussion and debate of free-market economics and policies with the Stanford Graduate School of Business community and the broader Stanford community through large speaker events, smaller dinners and lunches with guests, and social events.

Aerospace and Defense Club

The Aerospace and Defense Club’s mission is to foster a GSB aviation, aerospace, and defense technology community that develops future industry leaders and entrepreneurs by providing students opportunities to interact with established alumni founders/executives, company tours, and industry networking.

Africa Business Club (ABC)

Our Mission is to spur conversations at Stanford about doing business in Africa and to connect the Stanford community with other parties interested in business in Africa by creating a platform that actively engages with and serves the student community, facilitating conversations to create awareness and give students as much context and opportunity for engagement as possible, and developing an outward-looking perspective that goes beyond the GSB and seeks to participate in developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems in Africa.

All Y’all

All Y’all is the GSB’s first club focused on the American South. Our mission is to create an inclusive community that celebrates this region of the country while contributing to business innovation, economic progress, and social impact in these states we love so much. Whether you are from the South, have passed through, or are just a fan, you are welcome here! Can we get a yeehaw??

Artificial Intelligence Club

The purpose of the Stanford GSB Artificial Intelligence (AI) Club is to serve GSB students, faculty members, and the broad Stanford community as the bridge between frontier development in AI and its applications and influence on the business and social worlds. To achieve that, the AI Club is Stanford’s central hub for dialogue on business and social applications of AI, connecting Club members with AI industry leaders and receiving and accumulating the most holistic and up-to-date information about professional, business, and learning opportunities on AI at Stanford and beyond. By doing this, the Club helps the GSB and the entire University in preparing future business and social leaders to confront and work with this technology and be successful in their careers.

Arts, Media and Entertainment Club (AME)

We strive to increase awareness, knowledge, and opportunity at the GSB in the arts, media, and entertainment (AME) arenas, including film, TV, music, publishing, and new media technology. Our goals are the following:

  1. To educate members about the fundamentals and future of these industries
  2. Increase professional opportunities for students
  3. Promote network-building with alumni and industry representatives
  4. Showcase the creative talent and artistic diversity within the GSB community

The AME Club is made up of over 140 active MBAs as well as other graduate students, including Knight Fellows and Stanford Documentary Film Program students. Club membership has grown over 40 percent this year, reflecting the growing interest in AME industries. Many members have entertainment/media backgrounds, including positions at MTV, Disney, Universal, Time Warner, Pearson, and Fox, to name just a few.

Asian Business Student Association (ABSA)

The Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) aims to unite all GSB students who are from Asia, of Asian descent, and/or interested in Asia from a cultural or business perspective under a common organization. ABSA will promote social integration, rewire Asian stereotypes and bridge the communication gap between Asians and the broader class, and help students explore Asia-related career opportunities.

Australia and New Zealand Club

The purpose of the Australia and New Zealand Club is to represent the interests of Australian, New Zealand, and Oceania-based Stanford students or students interested in living, working in, or visiting the regions. Specifically, we aim to provide a platform for professional development and networking opportunities for students to learn more about the Oceania region.

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club aims to enrich the student community at the GSB by creating a positive basketball community — composed of a diverse group of students within the GSB. In pursuit of these goals, the Basketball Club actively seeks to appeal to a broad range of GSB students to promote and coordinate basketball activities within the GSB, including intramurals, tournaments, and ongoing basketball activities within the GSB.

Black Business Student Association (BBSA)

The Black Business Student Association (BBSA) serves as a support network for Black MBA, MSx, and PhD students at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). It also strives to enhance the GSB experience for all students; membership is open to all GSB students interested in cultural and professional issues that affect African-Americans.


The BBSA provides the opportunity for students to serve as mentors to local high school and undergraduate students, and interact with African-American GSB alumni. The annual gala presents a forum for the community to come together and discuss relevant issues and plan strategies for success, and features terrific keynote speakers.


The BBSA also plays a key role in connecting with the African-American communities at other top business schools. In addition, a growing number of companies are reaching out to the BBSA, in order to tap our high-quality talent pool.


Business & Environment Club

The Business & Environment Club’s goal is to cultivate a GSB community that incorporates environmental sustainability into its philosophy, curriculum, and operations. It also empowers its students and alumni to lead on environmental challenges in their industries. We focus on the following three themes through our activities:

  1. Foster collaborations and robust discussions about sustainability at the GSB by leveraging the passion and connections of all members of the Stanford community
  2. Serve as a guidepost and all-encompassing resource at the intersection of business and the environment for the GSB community
  3. Illuminate ways for students to incorporate environmental responsibility in their professional careers

Catholic Student Association (CSA)

The GSB Catholic Student Association (CSA) is committed to fostering a spiritual element within the GSB. We coordinate religious and social interaction amongst GSB Catholics, extending from weekly mass and prayer sessions to BBQs, talks, and other social events. All Catholics, practicing and otherwise, as well as other GSBers of common values, are encouraged to sign up and participate.


The GSB CSA aims to play a visible and productive role within the broader and highly active Stanford Catholic Community.


Christians in Business (CIB)

Christians in Business provides an opportunity to develop lasting relationships within the GSB as we discuss and debate everyday life issues from a Christian perspective. We provide fellowship and numerous social events to build a supportive community within the GSB and in the marketplace beyond business school. The club is very active. We have weekly meetings, as well as alumni dinners, parties, and other social events.

Consumer & Retail Club

The Consumer & Retail Club is designed for students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the consumer and retail industry, both from an operating and investing perspective. Events throughout the year promote learning across the consumer industry and multiple retail sales channels (brick and mortar, direct-to-consumer, eCommerce, etc.). In addition, events are organized to expose members to companies in a variety of segments and functional areas within the industry. These functional areas range from merchandising and supply chain management to marketing, strategy, and investing, while industry verticals range from beauty to fashion to CPG. We also aim to connect students with potential employers for networking purposes and proactively work with the CMC, and reach out to companies based on student interest.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Club

Do you worry about getting hacked? Or — to use the technical term — have you ever been pwn’d? Join the Cybersecurity & Privacy Club. We’re a group of students fascinated by the security and privacy risks that are emerging in our connected world — state espionage, hacked pipelines, identity theft, drones gone wild, and all the other merry vulnerabilities brought upon by computers. If you care about securing your digital assets, whether as a company or as an individual, join our club to learn and collaborate with other students and industry experts.

Disability & Caregiving Club

The aim of the Disability & Caregiving Community is to cultivate a disability-oriented community at the GSB that is inclusive, accessible, and well-informed. Membership is confidential and open to students with disabilities, caregivers, and allies.

Education Club

Education tops many political and social agendas today, and there has been a growing interest in the private sector in the business of education. The Education Club engages Stanford business and education school students in discussions about education issues, their role in education, and business’ role in education. The Education Club focuses on four broad areas:

  1. Building community and increasing knowledge among GSB and Ed students interested in education
  2. Assisting GSB students with the exploration of education careers
  3. Providing practical information for MBA/MA Education dual-degree candidates
  4. Facilitating volunteer opportunities in education at local schools and nonprofits

Energy Club

The GSB Energy Club’s mission is to enable students from all backgrounds to pursue their interests in energy, such as grid infrastructure and electrification, clean mobility, and industrial decarbonization, among other climate technologies. Our goal is to foster an “energy-dense” community of students, faculty, alumnae, and industry professionals who will lead our world through the next global energy transition. Our goals are as follows:

  1. Build connections among GSB students, faculty members, and alumni with a common passion for energy, as well as facilitate interactions across the Stanford campus
  2. Create career opportunities in climate tech by providing networking opportunities and facilitating industry engagement
  3. Bring energy to the GSB by highlighting energy-related academic resources and fostering engaging discourse on the latest developments in this space

Entrepreneur Club

Do you like the idea of owning your own gig? Not sure if you want to work for the man for the rest of your life? Always had an independent streak that made you stand out from the crowd? You may be an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur Club is for people with a strong interest in the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. Most Entrepreneur Club members have already owned a company, are exploring potential business ideas, writing a business plan, or just want to be in the company of people who are likely to be entrepreneurs — if not after graduation, then at some point in their careers. Our goals are the following:

  1. To provide our members with contacts, information, and inspiration that could jump-start their entrepreneurial urges
  2. To supplement the strong entrepreneurial curriculum at the GSB with exposure to mentorship and networking opportunities with outside business owners
  3. To build relationships between the GSB and the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley

Epicureans at the GSB (E@T)

Are you a (would-be) cook amateur? Or do you just love sharing a good moment with good food? Join E@T: “Epicureans @ the GSB”! Membership gives you access to small group theme dinners with 6-8 students, faculty, or other interesting Silicon Valley residents. You (and your SO) can help cook, host, and of course …eat. It is also your opportunity to don a chef’s cap. We offer formal and informal cooking classes taught by a variety of students and professional chefs. E@T also visits area restaurants with “behind the scenes” tours, and is putting together a list of great food places for all tastes and favorite E@Ter recipes.

Europe Club

The Europe Club is a community gathering of all students sharing an interest in European culture and business. Our goal is to provide a space for European students to share their culture and non-European students to discover it through the organization of social and cultural events (e.g., European movie nights, small group dinners, wine and cheese nights, parties). We also want to help GSB students explore European career opportunities via the organization of BBLs with European employers and networking events with European alumni.


The GSB Femtech Club aims to inspire innovation in women’s health and wellness through an interdisciplinary community of members passionate about building a more equitable world. Our programming is centered around four pillars: build community, educate members, network, and innovate. We’re focused on educating members about Femtech and building networking opportunities with industry leaders, as well as students from across Stanford’s ecosystem.

Finance & Investment Club

The Finance & Investment Club is dedicated to the development of investment skills and financial industry knowledge among GSB students. Events include treks, BBLs, company presentations, social events, and investment idea pitches. The club also manages a real portfolio as part of the Stanford GSB endowment.

FinTech Club

The FinTech Club is designed for students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the financial technology industry. The club seeks to bring together students, faculty, entrepreneurs, company builders, and investors around a shared interest in the business and societal impact of financial technology. Events throughout the year promote community across all FinTech sub-verticals: banking, credit, insurtech, payments, asset/wealth management, and software.