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David M. Kreps
Book cover for Microeconomics for Managers
Garth Saloner, Andrea Shepard, Joel Podolny
Book cover for Strategic Management
Glenn R. Carroll, Michael T. Hannan
Book cover for The Demography of Corporations and Industries
Charles P. Bonini, Harold Bierman
January 1, 1997
Book cover for Quantitative Analysis for Management
Glenn R. Carroll, Michael T. Hannan
March 30, 1995
Organizations in Industry
Michael L. Ray
February 16, 1993
Book cover for The New Paradigm in Business
Paul R. Milgrom, John Roberts
February 11, 1992
Economics Organization & Managemetn
Robert J. Flanagan, David Soskice, Lloyd Ulman
Book cover for Unionism, Economic Stabilization, and Incomes Policies