The HBT Merger US Role Version

By Sheila Melvin, Larissa Z. Tiedens, Webb McKinney, Yifat Sharabi-Levine, John Cronkite, David Hoyt, Margot Sutherland
2013 | Case No. L22US | Length 10 pgs.
This is a role-play case, intended for use in a leadership development course for MBA students. The case has four roles, two each for students playing U.S.- and China-based managers. There are two versions of the case, one for students playing the role of U.S.-based managers (L-22US), and one for students playing the role of China-based managers (L-22CHN). Each version has a set of common facts, plus a set of facts known only to that side. The role-play objectives stated in the case can only be successfully accomplished if the players solicit information from the other side, and work together to reach an agreement. Students must reset post-merger expectations, address the different underlining interests and get the merger plan back on track. They have the opportunity to demonstrate active listening, inquiry, and feedback regarding post-merger expectations at HBT headquarters and at HBT Shanghai. Both pairs of students will go into the meeting with varying objectives and will need to manage the other side’s expectations and perceptions in a manner that may be assertive, collaborative, or both.

Learning Objective

This case provides students with practice in active listening, inquiry, and feedback as part of negotiation.
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