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This listing contains abstracts and ordering information for case studies written and published by faculty at Stanford GSB.

Publicly available cases in this collection are distributed by Harvard Business Publishing and The Case Centre.

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Jeffrey Pfeffer

For most of her career, Lucinda Stewart was a woman working in contexts—investment banking private equity, venture capital—largely dominated by men. Nonetheless, Stewart had been able, virtually from the beginning of her career, to obtain...

Amy Wilkinson, Nick Hubbard

The case describes the management style of Philipp Schindler, Google’s Chief Business Officer, and the programs and organizational structures he implemented to promote innovation within Google’s business organization.

Sarah A. Soule, Stephan Leixnering, Markus Höllerer, Margot Sutherland

Erste Group (“Erste”), one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, faced a rapidly changing business environment in 2019: fintech startups were unbundling retail banking services as consumers’ expectations for service...

Masanori Kato, Ulrike Schaede, Charles O’Reilly

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. in 2014 was the world’s largest glass company, but the company faced flat revenues and increased global competition. Several of its flagship businesses projected few prospects for growth unless the company...

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Jason Calacanis described himself as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and podcaster – and someone who had come a long way from the time he had to talk his way into Fordham University. Later, when...

Jeffrey Pfeffer

As a student at the Harvard Business School, Sadiq Gillani decided to focus his career on the airline industry. This case study explores Gillani’s strategic decisions to take positions with aviation consulting companies, start-up airlines,...

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Tristan Walker was a 32-year-old entrepreneur. A visionary thinker and GSB graduate, Walker had accomplished much in his short career, and had worked briefly at Twitter, Foursquare, and Andreessen Horowitz before founding his own company,...

Davina Drabkin, Jon Jamieson, Sarah Soule, Huggy Rao, Robert Sutton

Rosanne Haggerty remembered looking over the table at Becky Margiotta, both with their mouths hanging open. The two had just learned about the 100,000 Lives Campaign, an initiative by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that...

Jesper Sorensen, Laurent De Clara

In early 2014, Tara Fela-Durotoye, the founder and CEO of House of Tara, was contemplating one of her greatest achievements to date. Her company had been named by L’Oréal as a strategic distributor for...

Thomas S. Wurster, Derek Kennedy, Jason Zajac

Most business activities can be understood as progressions from insight to outcome – getting from the original spark of an idea to the actual realization of financial and strategic results. And yet, leaders and companies...

William P. Barnett, Mooweon Rhee, Sang-Hoon Kim

On the evening of June 10, 2011, the first European tour of Korean idol groups was held in Paris. With European fans demanding tickets and organizing a flashmob rally in front of the Louvre Museum,...

Jeffrey Pfeffer

In November of 2010, the board of Stanford Hospital and Clinics announced that Amir Dan Rubin, at the time chief operating officer of the UCLA Hospital System, would become the next CEO at Stanford Hospital...

John-Paul Ferguson, Laurent De Clara

In June 2014, Anthony Pile, founder and chairman of Blue Skies, called a board meeting to discuss the company’s development plans. The economic crisis in Europe had made consumers more price sensitive, putting pressure on...

Laura Hattendorf, Yin Li

VisionSpring follows social entrepreneur Jordan Kassalow from his early career in public health through the founding of VisionSpring, an organization that sells eyeglasses to the rural poor in developing countries. The case describes how Kassalow...

H. Irving Grousbeck, Yin Li

This case follows CEO Andy Dunn as he struggles to build a technical team that will enable Bonobos, an ecommerce and menswear company, to scale. The case also outlines the path that leads Dunn to...

Charles O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer, David Hoyt, Davina Drabkin

This case describes the challenges facing CEO Kent Thiry and DaVita as they being thinking about how to integrate a recent acquisition, Health Care Partners (HCP). DaVita had been primarily a kidney dialysis company with...

Robert Burgelman, Robert Siegel, Cyril Labidi

This industry note covers how new players in cloud file sharing and storage (such as Dropbox and Box) are reshaping the overall enterprise content management (ECM) software industry in 2014. The note presents the major...

Hayagreeva Rao, Carter Bowen, Gib Lopez

The SEALs are the elite special forces of the U.S. Navy. Their selection and training is exceptionally rigorous, with a heavy emphasis on physical condition, stamina, and mental toughness. However, the SEALs have a wide...

Jesper B. Sørensen, Laurent De Clara

In early 2014, Sanjay Swamy and Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, respectively chairman and CEO of ZipDial, were discussing the possibility of extending the company’s operations to Indonesia and the Philippines, two key markets in Southeast Asia....

Robert Burgelman, Robert Siegel, Sara Rosenthal

The SurveyMonkey case portrays the evolution of the company from its founding in 1999 through to 2014. SurveyMonkey was launched by Ryan Finley, a young computer science graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to address...