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Readings About Corporations and Society

Explore readings on today’s corporations and society issues.

September 18, 2017
Young & Rubicam Chairman Emeritus Peter Georgescu says it’s time to end the era of shareholder primacy.
The Wall Street bull is seen in the financial district in New York | Reuters/Brendan McDermid
August 14, 2017
A Stanford professor skewers a few fallacies often advanced by politicians and regulators.
The New York Stock Exchange from the steps of Federal Hall behind a statue of former U.S. President George Washington. | Reuters/Brendan McDermid
July 25, 2017
A federal judge says fear of prison is the best way to deter bad behavior.
Hands grip the bars of a jail cell. | iStock/chinaface
June 7, 2017
Labor’s share of national income is shrinking. But don’t hit the barricades just yet.
A laborer builds components of wind turbines at a wind power equipment factory. | REUTERS/China Daily
March 30, 2017
Male investment advisers commit misconduct at a much higher rate than women do, but women are more likely to get fired.
A group of men in pin strip suits | Reuters/Larry Downing
August 5, 2016
Corporations profit from tax-avoidance schemes even when they’re likely to trigger IRS audits.
Apple CEO Tim Cook (center) was grilled in 2013 by a Senate subcommittee investigating the company's offshore tax strategies. | Reuters/Jason Reed
February 23, 2015
Stanford scholars identify 10 work stressors that are destroying your health.
A man holding his hands over his face at work. | Reuters/Luke MacGregor