Research by the Sustainable Energy Initiative

Peer-reviewed journal articles, working papers, and other publications apply Stanford’s interdisciplinary strengths in engineering, economics, business, and energy policy to increase global knowledge of low-carbon energy technologies.

Stephen Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Anshuman Sahoo
December 2017

Over the past decade, solar photovoltaic (PV) power has experienced dramatic deployment growth coupled with substantial decreases in system prices. This article examines how solar PV power is currently positioned...

John E. Bistline, Stephen D. Comello, Anshuman Sahoo
August 5, 2017

Many irreversible long-run capital investments entail opportunities for managers to respond flexibly to changes in the economic environment. However, common levelized cost measures used to guide decision-making, such as the...

Peter C. Psarras, Stephen Comello, Praveen Bains, Panunya Charoensawadpong, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Jennifer Wilcox
Environment Science Technology. August
2017, Vol. 51, Issue 19, Pages 11440-11449

The fabrication and manufacturing processes of industrial commodities such as iron, glass, and cement are carbon-intensive, accounting for 23% of global CO2 emissions. As a climate mitigation strategy, CO2 capture...

A. Bumpus, Stephen Comello
Nature Climate Change. June
2017, Vol. 7, Issue 6, Pages 382-385

Early-stage capital providers and clean energy technology incubators are supporting a new wave of innovations focused on end-use efficiency and demand control. This wave complements expanding investments in supply technologies...

Stefan J. Reichelstein, Anshuman Sahoo
Contemporary Accounting Research. May
31 , 2017

A basic tenet of microeconomics is that for a competitive industry in equilibrium the market price of a product will be equal to its marginal cost. This paper develops a...

Stephen D. Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Anshuman Sahoo, Tobias Schmidt
World Development. January
20 , 2017

Rural electrification rates in India lag behind government goals, in part due to the inability of distribution companies (discoms) to fund central grid expansion. In the absence of central grid...

Stephen Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. November
16 , 2016

The policy of net metering allows operators of residential- and commercial solar PV systems to sell surplus electricity back to their utility at the going retail rate. This policy has...

Claire S.H. Lim, Ali Yurukoglu
May 24, 2016

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy 

This paper quantitatively assesses time inconsistency, moral hazard, and political ideology in monopoly regulation of electricity distribution. We specify and estimate a dynamic model...

Stephen Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. March
2016, Vol. 55, Issue March 2016, Pages 591–602

Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the United States have been deployed at a rapid pace in recent years, a development that is attributed in significant part to the federal Investment...

Karim Farhat, Stefan J. Reichelstein
Applied Energy. February
15 , 2016, Vol. 164, Pages 857–870

Polygeneration energy systems (PES) have the potential to provide a flexible, high-efficiency, and low-emissions alternative for power generation and chemical synthesis from fossil fuels. This study aims to assess the...