Working Papers

These papers are working drafts of research which often appear in final form in academic journals. The published versions may differ from the working versions provided here.

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Dirk Bergemann, Francisco Castro, Gabriel Weintraub
February 17, 2020

We compare the revenue of the optimal third-degree price discrimination policy against a uniform pricing policy. A uniform pricing policy offers the same price to all segments of the market. Our main result establishes that...

Ramesh Johari, Hannah Li, Gabriel Weintraub
February 13, 2020

We develop an analytical framework to study experimental design in two-sided platforms. In the settings we consider, customers rent listings; rented listings are occupied for some amount of time, then become available. Platforms typically use...

Morris A. Cohen, Shiliang Cui, Ricardo Ernst, Hau L. Lee, Arnd Huchzermeier, Panos Kouvelis, Hau L. Lee, Hirofumi Matsuo, Marc Steuber
January 8, 2020

This paper reports on the results of a global field study conducted in 2014 and 2015 among leading manufacturers from a wide range of industries. It provides insights on managerial practices that concern production sourcing...

Kevin Smith, Eric C. So
January 2020

We develop a measure of how information events impact investors’ perceptions of firms’ riskiness. We derive this measure from an option-pricing model where investors anticipate an announcement containing information on the mean and variance of...

Charles M. C. Lee, Eric C. So, Charles C. Y. Wang
December 30, 2019

We introduce a parsimonious framework for choosing among alternative expected-return proxies (ERPs) when estimating treatment effects. By comparing ERPs’ measurement-error variances in the cross-section and time series, we provide new evidence on the relative performance...

Jung Ho Choi, Brandon Gipper, Shawn X. Shi
December 2019

Pay for non-performance is among the most prominent arguments of executive rent extraction, especially Bertrand and Mullainathan’s (2001) pay for luck. We revisit their finding over the last two decades, 1997 through 2016. Pay for...

Rebecca Lester, Lisa De Simone, Aneesh Raghunandan
November 6, 2019


We examine the association between thousands of state and local firm-specific tax subsidies and business activity in the surrounding county, measured as the number of employees, aggregate wages, per capita employment,...

Jung Ho Choi, Brandon Gipper, Sara Malik
November 2019

We examine whether financial reporting quality influences employee turnover and wages using employer-employee matched data in the U.S. We find that low financial reporting quality is associated with high employee turnover risk, so workers demand...

Jinhwan Kim, Kristen Valentine
October 24, 2019

We investigate the effect of patent disclosures on corporate innovation. Using the American Inventor’s Protection Act (AIPA) as a shock that increased patent disclosures, we find an increase in innovation for firms whose rivals reveal...

Travis L. Johnson, Jinhwan Kim, Eric C. So
October 11, 2019

We establish a link between firms managing investors’ performance expectations, earnings announcement premia, and cyclical patterns (i.e., seasonalities) in returns. Firms that are more likely to manage expectations toward beatable levels predictably earn lower returns...

Charles M. C. Lee, Yuanyu Qu, Tao Shen
October 2019

We study firms that go public through reverse mergers (RMs) versus initial public offerings (IPOs) in China. Using a manually assembled data set, we show...

Brandon Gipper, Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz
October 2019

We provide the first partner tenure and mandatory rotation analysis for a large cross-section of U.S. publicly listed firms over an extended period. We analyze the effects on audit quality as well as on audit...

Lisa De Simone, Marcel Olbert
October 2019


We investigate the effects of mandatory private Country-by-Country (CbC) disclosure to European tax authorities on economic activity. Using rich data on the operations of multinational firms, we exploit the threshold-based application...

Lisa De Simone, Ken Klassen, Jeri Seidman
September 2019


Do firms balance tax and operating considerations when making investment decisions? We investigate whether income-shifting aggressiveness affects new investments and predict firms that aggressively shift income will choose affiliate-level investments driven...

Charles M. C. Lee, Christina Zhu
August 2019

We use trade-level data to examine the role of actively managed funds (AMFs) in earnings news dissemination.   AMFs trade 170 percent more on earnings announcement (EA) days than on non-EA days.  Abnormal AMF participation is...

Charles M. C. Lee, Yanruo Wang, Qinlin Zhong
August 2019

We develop a Loan Portfolio Risk (LPR) variable that measures time-varying volatility in default risk for a portfolio of bank loans.  An Equity-to-LPR ratio (ELPR) is incrementally important in predicting bank failure up to five...

Jinhwan Kim, Rodrigo S. Verdi, Benjamin Yost
July 29, 2019

We investigate whether managers internalize the spillover effects of their disclosure on the stock price of related firms and strategically alter their disclosure decisions when doing so is beneficial. Using data on firm-initiated disclosures during...

Philip G. Berger, Jung Ho Choi, Sorabh Tomar
June 9, 2019

Does decomposing cost of goods sold entail significant competitive costs? We examine this question using a relaxation of disaggregated manufacturing cost disclosure requirements in Korea. Our survey evidence indicates managers perceive these disclosures to provide...

Shannon Chen, Lisa De Simone, Michelle Hanlon, Rebecca Lester
June 2, 2019


We study whether innovation box tax incentives, which reduce tax rates on innovation-related income, are associated with tax-motivated income shifting, investment, and employment in the countries that implement these regimes....