Inaugural Market Shaping Conference

The Inaugural Market Shaping Conference was hosted from Sep. 21 to Sep. 22, 2018 at Koret-Taube Conference Center, Gunn-SIEPR Building, Stanford University. This conference was supported by Schmidt Futures.

Participants discussed state-of-the-art market shaping techniques, areas ripe for market shaping intervention, and set the market shaping research agenda moving forward.

Conference Organizer

Speakers & Sessions

Susan Athey and Thomas Kalil
​Welcome, Introductions and Motivation for Market Shaping
Michael Kremer and Chris Snyder
The Pneumococcal Vaccine AMC
Heidi Williams
Making Markets for Innovations
Canice Prendergast
The Allocation of Food to Food Banks
Shlomy Kattan
Adult Literacy XPrize
Rick Hanushek
Incentivizing Governments
Brian Beachkofski and Vinice Davis
​Aligning Incentives in Education and Training Programs/Income Share Agreements
Marc Laitin
Market Shaping to (Re) Solve Behavioral Gaps
Mark Duggan, Rohit Naimpally, and Michael Kremer
Panel: Good Opportunities to Help Solve Social Problems
Justine Hastings
Populations that Could Benefit from Training and Relocation Treatments
Shiva Dustdar
European Investment Bank’s Support for Innovation - Overview of Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
Scott Stern, Josh Gans, and Hal Varian
Panel: Research Lessons on Incentivizing Innovation
Hal Varian
Out of Controls
Jacob Leshno
Monopoly Without a Monopolist: An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System
Zoë Hitzig
Optimal Matching Funds
Ron Harstad
Jon Levin
Final Thought on Market Shaping
Susan Athey
Closing remarks