The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is seen in the financial district of lower Manhattan during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in New York City. Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly
May 7, 2020

Stanford GSB Scholars Weigh in on Stimulus Package and a Post-COVID-19 Economy

In this panel, professors agreed that something needed to be done, fast, to help the economic fallout, but disagreed on federal government’s strategy.


Florence Thompson with three of her children in a photograph known as “Migrant Mother” taken in Nipomo, California in March 1936. Credit: Dorothea Lange
April 2, 2020

The 1930s Depression Was ‘Great.’ This One Might Be Greater.

The coronavirus pandemic may end this winter, but a longtime expert says the economic damage will be deep and could last for years.


Professor of Management and Professor of Finance Darrell Duffie stands on stage holding up his hands. Credit: Stanford University
April 28, 2020

Digital Currency Is Going Mainstream

The e-dollar is coming and it’s up to big banks to either lead or follow.


Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda reaches over to check in to a council meeting by phone during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. March 23, 2020. Credit: Reuters/Lindsey WassonSeattle City Councilmember teujkrtdtuktduktykstuyktukt
April 16, 2020

The Productivity Pitfalls of Working from Home in the Age of COVID-19

Nicholas Bloom’s research has measured the benefits of working from home. But in the current coronavirus crisis, the economist fears productivity will plummet.
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January 31, 2020

The New Emerging Role in Big Tech? Economists

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January 23, 2020

Is Workplace Equality the Economy’s Hidden Engine?

In 1960, 94% of doctors and lawyers were white men. Today that number has fallen to 60%, and the economy has benefited dramatically because of it.
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When Starting Companies, Experience Matters

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8 Most-Read Stories of 2019

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Uncertainty Drags Down Global Growth

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November 14, 2019

How Markets Can Change to Ease Economic Inequality

Experts weigh in on economic, education, and financial gaps at a recent Stanford GSB conference.
October 7, 2019

The Five Best Policies to Promote Innovation — And One Policy to Avoid

A new toolkit aims to teach governments about which policies are supported by research.
October 2, 2019

Why Women and Older Workers Make Less Driving for Uber

Research examines age and gender gaps in the gig economy.
September 25, 2019

A Breakdown in U.S.-China Relations Would Damage Both Sides

At the Stanford China Economic Forum, experts lay out the risks of a relationship unraveled.
September 13, 2019

What Tech Leaders Really Want

They’re an influential group that’s hard to pin down politically — until now. Meet the Liberaltarians.