Organizational Behavior


A team works together to solve a problem. Credit: iStock/Anchly
September 13, 2018

Three Ways to Lead More Effective Teams

A Stanford expert on workplace dynamics shows why many teams fail.


A group of women selling jewelry and handicrafts at the walls of the Jaisalmer fort in Rajasthan India. Credit: iStock/Aluxum
September 7, 2018

What’s the Value of Labor When It’s a Labor of Love?

Artisans who find meaning in their masterpieces are more likely to charge less to connoisseurs.


Bumble Bee. Credit: Eiko Ojala
September 14, 2018

What Does “Catalyst” Mean to You?

Stanford GSB faculty suggest books and articles related to the theme.


A group of young men and women looking shocked at their cell phones. Credit: iStock/SIphotography
August 17, 2018

The Consequences of Viral Outrage

Even justified outcries can backfire when people pile on.


Portraits by contemporary artist JR are displayed on the worksite boarding placed around the dome on the Pantheon. Credit: Reuters/Christian Hartmann
August 24, 2018

Exploring the Origins of Foreign Cultural Values

As businesses go global, it pays to understand the beliefs underpinning behaviors that might seem strange.


Two tiny workers at the huge feet of their boss. Credit: iStock/Diane Labombarbe
July 31, 2018

Narcissistic CEOs Can Mean Big Legal Bills

Companies headed by overconfident, self-centered risk-takers are more likely to end up in court.
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April 12, 2018

The Science Behind Cambridge Analytica: Does Psychological Profiling Work?

The researchers who warned about abuses of Facebook data show how psychological profiling gets results.
April 5, 2018

What Makes a Community Resilient?

A Stanford study explores how communities recover — or fail to recover — from disasters.
March 29, 2018

Hit the Mark: Make Complex Ideas Understandable

6 ways to communicate challenging concepts to an audience.
March 15, 2018

“The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares”

A new book examines the massive health care toll today’s work culture exacts on employees.
March 6, 2018

Feeling Guilty? That Could Be a Good Thing

When it comes to work attendance, “guilt proneness” may be a bigger factor than job satisfaction.
February 19, 2018

The Power of a Free Popsicle

A new book shows the value of memorable defining moments on customer and employee experiences.
February 1, 2018

Look Beyond “Culture Fit” When Hiring

Research points to another important trait that can determine the success of a new hire.
January 22, 2018

The Power of Doing Nothing

People love the default option. Why aren’t we using this instinct to better the world?
January 16, 2018

Reducing Gender Inequality at Work, One Small Step at a Time

Modest, daily actions that target bias are the “building blocks to larger change.”
January 10, 2018

If Diversity is So Important, Why Don’t We Have More of It?

Despite huge culture shifts in the workplace, the best and brightest are still failing at diversity.