New Policy for Sponsored SUNet IDs and Library Electronic Resources Access

Why the change?

Requirements for sponsored SUNet ID holders to access library electronic resources has changed. This change is being made by all Stanford libraries in order to ensure that sponsored SUNet ID holders are accessing licensed electronic resources to conduct legitimate, Stanford-related teaching, learning or research work.

What is the new process?

Effective immediately, sponsored SUNet ID holders require an additional sponsorship for library electronic resources access. The sponsorship of Library electronic resources does not include physical library services such as building access, borrowing materials, inter-library services, etc.

Before 8/15/2019, if your sponsee(s) needs to access library electronic resources for verifiable, Stanford related academic use, please go to to add library sponsorship to the SUNet IDs of your sponsee(s). Otherwise, your sponsee(s) will lose access to library electronic resources after 8/15/2019. For detailed instruction, please refer to “Sponsoring Someone for Library e-resources”.

Please note, the University is still determining if a fee will be added to library electronic resources sponsorship in the future.