Negotiation, Teams & Diversity in Honor of Margaret A. Neale

The conference on Negotiation, Teams, and Diversity was a two-day event that celebrated Margaret A. Neale’s career and contributions to organizational behavior. The conference was held from May 17 to May 18, 2019 at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Faculty Organizers

Organizational Behavior
Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior

Speakers & Topics

Katherine Phillips, Columbia University
Diversity & … From Tolerance to Inclusion to What?
Jennifer Chatman, University of California at Berkeley
Adventures in Super Norms
Peter Belmi, University of Virginia
The Social Advantage of Miscalibrated Individuals: The Relationship Between Social Class and Overconfidence and its Implications for Class-Based Inequality
Jeffrey Polzer, Harvard Business School
When Meetings Multiply: The Consequences of Collaboration Overload
Kathleen McGinn, Harvard Business School
Girls Arise! Negotiating for a Better Future
Scott Wiltermuth, University of Southern California
The Social Costs of Forgiveness Following Multiple-Victim Transgressions
David Daniels, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Do Investors Value Gender Diversity
Charles Chu, Stanford University
Possible Selves, Self-Uncertainty, and Moral Self-Evaluation
Andrea Freund, Stanford University
Planning for the Best: Prenups Help and Hurt Team Performance
Amy Stillwell, Stanford University
Benevolent Sexism and Backlash Against Female Accusers
Jennifer Overbeck, The University of Melbourne
The Latent Lieutenant as Kingmaker
Laura Kray, University of California at Berkeley
Women Don’t Ask? A New Look at the Role of Negotiations in the Gender Pay Gap
Max Bazerman, Harvard Business School
Toward Prescription: Taking the Neale/Bazerman Approach from Negotiations to Ethics