Student Fellowships

Corporate investors make it possible for our students to develop leadership skills both in the classroom at GSB and firsthand in the workplace.

Corporate Named Student Fellowship – Endowed

Fellowship support is of paramount importance in enabling Stanford GSB to continue to attract future leaders, regardless of their financial circumstances. Many companies find the opportunity to develop relations with the student recipients particularly meaningful. Your endowed corporate named fellowship will leave a lasting legacy.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $250,000 (payable over a five-year pledge period)

Corporate Named Student Fellowship – Annually Renewable

Companies can increase their brand presence and engage in direct interactions with students by establishing custom corporate fellowships. Fellowships can be established in your company’s name or in honor of a company leader in support of MBA students. Fellowships may be directed toward students interested in a particular industry or subject.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $15,000

Yellow Ribbon Fellowship Fund

Investing in the Yellow Ribbon Fellowship Fund helps to support two or more eligible military candidates who attend Stanford GSB. Donors to the Yellow Ribbon Fellowship Fund will also receive recognition at the annual Military Service Appreciation Dinner and in all related event and marketing materials.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $15,000

Ignite Special Forces Fellowship Program

Based on the highly successful Stanford Ignite program offered in locations around the globe, the Ignite Special Forces Program is a unique educational opportunity for exceptional post-9/11 veterans of the U.S. military. A cohort of 30 veterans will be invited to participate in a rigorous academic program that exposes participants to both the fundamentals of business and the proactive aspects of identifying and evaluating business ideas and moving them forward. The program is designed to include mentorship and recruiting events that assist veterans with their professional realignment and transition into the private sector.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $15,000

Summer Institute for General Management Diversity Fellowship Program

The Summer Institute for General Management (SIGM) Diversity Fellowship Program expands the pipeline of talented diverse candidates considering further management education. With your support, Stanford GSB can offer a tuition gift to students who — by reason of their culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, background, work, or life experiences — are able to bring a unique cultural, personal, or professional perspective to the cohort of each Summer Institute for General Management. Fellowships can be established in the name of your company and support one or more students in the program.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $10,000

Charles P Bonini Partnership for Diversity Fellowship

The Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity (P4D) Fellowship Program offers an unparalleled professional opportunity and educational financial support for admitted MBA students from diverse backgrounds. Stanford GSB encourages applicants who — because of culture, race, ethnicity, background, and work or life experiences — bring a distinctive perspective to the workplace and the classroom.

  • Fellowship Sponsor: $130,000 (payable over a two-year pledge period)

All levels of corporate investors will receive: