Rodrigo Tostes, SEP ’18. Credit: Kiefer Hickman
Rodrigo Tostes
SEP ’18
Founder, YVY
SEP, Stanford University, ’18
Undergrad in Law, Rio de Janeiro University
Professional Experience
Founder, YVY
CEO, VLT Carioca
COO, Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Tricia Smith, SEP ’17. Credit: ToniBird Photography
Tricia Smith
SEP ’17
Executive Vice President of Women’s Clothing, Nordstrom
SEP, Stanford University, ’17
Professional Experience
Executive Vice President, Nordstrom
National Merchandise Manager, Nordstrom
David Downs, SEP ’15. Credit: Courtesy of David Downs
David Downs
SEP ’15
General Manager, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
SEP, Stanford University, ’15
BA in Business, University of Auckland, ’06
BSc in Computer Science, University of Auckland, ’03
BSc in Math and Computer Science, Massey University, ’90
Professional Experience
Regional Director, Microsoft
CEO, Eureka Software Development
CEO of ComedyFest Ltd.
Justine Evirs, MS ’15. Credit: ToniBird Photography
Justine Evirs
Stanford Ignite – Post-9/11 Veterans ’17
Founder and CEO, Paradigm Shift
MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology, ’10
BA in Organizational Management, Ashford University, ’08
Professional Experience
Regional Executive Director & Head of Advocacy, Bunker Labs
U.S. Navy Volunteer Director, Bunker Labs
Xu Hua “Becky” Fu, PhD ’17. Credit: Kiefer Hickman
Xu Hua Fu
Stanford Ignite ’17
Fire Lab, Departments of Pathology and Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford Ignite, Stanford University, ’17
MS in Biomedical Informatics, Stanford University, ’16
BS in Genetics, University of California, Davis, ’12
Ramiro Cormenzana, SEP ’17. Credit: ToniBird Photography
Ramiro Cormenzana
SEP ’17
Vice President of Database and Infrastructure, MercadoLibre
SEP, Stanford University, ’17
BS in Ingeniero en Sistemas, Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, ’96