Allowable Budget Adjustments

Federal Regulations specify the components of a student’s cost of attendance. We use a standard budget to determine financial aid eligibility. However, if you have special circumstances, our office may be able to add additional items to your cost of attendance.

Medical Expenses or Childcare Costs

The most common budget allowances are for unusual medical expenses and childcare costs, when both the student and spouse are working or attending school full time. If you can submit documentation of required medical expenses not covered by insurance and/or childcare costs, adjustments may be made to your budget. Most budget adjustments increase your loan eligibility and will not increase your fellowship.

Global Experience Requirement Expenses

Every Stanford MBA student is expected to complete their Global Experience Requirement (GER) prior to winter quarter of their second academic year. The only programs for which the expenses can be allowable budget adjustments are for:

  • Global study trips
  • The Stanford Tsinghua Exchange Program

We add the required costs to the student’s budget and the student will be provided financial aid in the form of fellowships (if eligible) and loans to assist in covering these expenses.


We assume that most students already have laptops and will not need to purchase a new one. However, if you do need to purchase a laptop, we will consider a reasonable purchase price for financial aid purposes. Once you have been admitted, you will be provided with more detailed information on how this expense can be incorporated into your cost of attendance.

Travel to and from Home

Students who travel to and from their home can have their flight costs considered as part of the cost of attendance. Stanford GSB allows two round trip tickets to be added to the cost of attendance each academic year. You must purchase the round trip flight and provide our office with the itemized charges in order to have it incorporated into your cost of attendance. This will only apply for travel between Stanford GSB and your home and would only increase your eligibility to borrow additional loan funds.

Last Updated 24 Oct 2016