Eligibility for the China Entrepreneur Loan Forgiveness Program

The ultimate discretion for eligibility in the Stanford GSB China Entrepreneurial Loan Forgiveness Program lies entirely with the Financial Aid Office, and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Determinations, once rendered, are final. However, other relevant criteria may be taken into consideration at the discretion of Stanford GSB.

This program will pay a percentage of graduates’ Stanford GSB loan obligations for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal while they are pursuing an entrepreneurial venture that operates primarily in China. This is not an entitlement program since eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office. We reserve the right to change eligibility guidelines and required application materials at any time.


Applicants must be working towards their entrepreneurship located in Mainland China, and are required to notify our office immediately if:

  • You change professions
  • The company is no longer active
  • You no longer have student loan debt

These changes will affect an applicant’s eligibility; applicants will be required to repay any funds that were over awarded after they later became ineligible.


The applicant must demonstrate that he/she would face undue financial hardship if required to repay the loan in full without financial support. Applicants are expected to have a minimum income to cover a reasonable cost of living.

Income Eligibility Threshold

We annually update the income threshold we use to determine eligibility for full loan forgiveness. The amount is based on a percentage of the median base salary and other compensation of Stanford GSB’s prior year’s graduating class. Income eligibility information is typically updated each year in October.


We may consider assets in our adjusted income calculation. Although a reasonable amount of assets will not disqualify an applicant, substantial amounts of assets may lead to a reevaluation.


The Financial Aid Office will only include original loans borrowed while attending Stanford GSB to help fund their education. All loans must have been certified and administered by the Stanford GSB Financial Aid Office. Loans must be in repayment status when applying. The minimum repayment plan length we will consider is 10 years (120 months).

Only loans in good standing are eligible. An applicant’s loans will not be eligible if the loans are:

  • Eligible for or in deferment/forbearance
  • Past due

Forgivable loans, funds received from employers under conditional contracts (i.e., tuition reimbursement, salary advance, etc.) to pay tuition, books and supplies, and other fees, are not eligible for the program.

Last Updated 12 Jun 2019