Alex Pruden

MBA 2019
  • Hometown: Tucson, AZ
  • Pre-MBA: U.S. Army

Alex Pruden

Post Graduation Goals:

Start my own blockchain company to empower individuals and reduce corruption in the third world.

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

A backpacking trip to Lake Tahoe that I did with several classmates before school.

Kids are the best alarm clock. There is no snooze button. Even after a late night of sipping prosecco with our friends (and a morning where I wish I could have slept in), my son, Luke, has not time to waste. Fortunately, I’ve got a routine with my Aeropress and I can be drinking good coffee in no time flat.
Aside from being a dad and GSB student, I am also a co-founder of the Stanford Blockchain Collective, an interdisciplinary student club comprising students from the GSB, Stanford Law School, and CS / EE. Today was one of our marquee events of the Spring Quarter, a blockchain smart contract development workshop hosted by Pear VC in Palo Alto.
Finally got the chance to sit down and do some homework. I find that my time to do homework during the week is limited, and I’m not too fond of pulling late nights (given that I never get to sleep in with Luke). So I usually try and do the majority of my homework assignments on the weekends. My weekend goal is to get through Tuesday in terms of reading and assignments.
Heading out to the rugby field with Lindsay, Luke, and my German Shepherd Ajax. I try and give Ajax the chance to run around at least once a day off-leash. I normally enjoy these walks as a time to unplug and disconnect for a while. Today, though, I have two calls that I have to take. One is for a classmate to help him prepare for an interview, and another is for an Army veteran who is applying to the GSB next year.
Whipped up a little pasta primavera after Luke went to bed. It is nice to enjoy good food and adult conversation with Lindsay at the end of a busy day. Of course, it’s not really the end. Since Luke is asleep, I have the opportunity to get all of the things done that I wasn’t able to earlier today. Hopefully tonight I can make a dent in my homework for the week.
Taking a nightly walk with my dog, Ajax. I used to just let him out in the backyard, but those days are over.
Getting up early today so I can give Lindsay a chance to sleep in, and make her breakfast for Mother’s Day. On the menu this morning: omelette, fresh fruit, and cinnamon rolls!
Playtime! Luke is excited to go out and play on the playground. Weather is nice, so I am happy to oblige. Weekends are a great time to hang out with family. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks while Luke walks around and explores. Currently I’m listening to Homo Deus, by Yuval Hariri.
I try and do all of the readings for my GSB classes. But in addition to those I’ve got some daily readings for my son, who absolutely loves having books read to him. My limit is no more than three times in a row for the same book.
The phrase “carpe diem”, Latin for “seize the day”, really applies as a parent. Although I think it figuratively means seize the part of the day while your child is napping, and do as much as you possibly can. Today, I have to prioritize classes for my MBA 2 super-round.
Luke woke up from his nap, but I didn’t quite get all of my homework done. Hanging out in the Escondido Village courtyard, reading a case for Monday and watching Luke play on the playground.
Lindsay and I headed to a baptism potluck for Robert & Mallory’s son, Calvin! One of the best parts of living in Escondido Village is the tight-knit community of families -- GSB and beyond.
Time to get some more homework done, this time with a drink in hand. Fortunately, I always do my best work after a glass of whiskey. (disclaimer: not actual academic advice)
I hear a toddler crying? Am I dreaming...I must be dreaming. No, wait that isn’t a dream. I get out of bed and walk over to Luke’s room. He’s throwing a tantrum in his crib. I calm him down and walk.
Second class of the day: Accelerated Operations. Today, we are playing a forecasting game on our laptops, one of the few times that we’re allowed to use them in class.
Early afternoon is the best time to go to the gym. Any earlier, and I feel like it disrupts my routine; later, and the place is always packed. Being a parent and a GSB student, I feel like I’ve had to give up some things that I used to spend my time on in order to live up to my responsibilities. But I try my best not to compromise my exercise sessions -- they help keep me sane.
Our family has a daily routine. Lindsay comes home from work, I come home from class. We spend some time catching up on each other’s day. Then we pick up Luke from daycare. After a brief stop at home to pick up our dog, we head to a little grassy field near our house in Escondido Village. There, we soak up the afternoon sun, let the dog chase his tennis ball, and watch Luke run around before we head back in for dinner.
I’m on dinner duty this evening. Fortunately, my NYT subscription comes with a cooking app, with lots of good recipes. Since I’m not a very creative cook, I really appreciate the inspiration that the app provides. Tonight: Spanish Revuelto. Basically a chorizo, egg, and asparagus omelette. Kind of like breakfast for dinner.
Meeting some of my classmates from undergrad for a late coffee at Coupa cafe.
Finished up the last bit of my reading for tomorrow. Now time to take my dog on a quick walk before bed. Looks like he’s already turned in for the night himself, though.