Danica Inocentes Jacinto

Danica Jacinto
MBA 2017
  • Hometown: Manila, Philippines
  • Pre-MBA: Investment Banking

Danica Inocentes Jacinto

Post Graduation Goals:

Fintech or online media

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

When I applied everything I had learned in Leadership Labs to convince our "Board" during Executive Challenge to approve our proposal

Ski slopes of Tahoe
We decided to spend the long weekend shredding in Tahoe! This is already my second trip this season - it’s just so accessible and easy to get to from campus. I finally got to go up on some blues - I just switched to snowboarding so this was a big accomplishment!
Danica and friends at the bowling alley
We spent the weekend at a cozy little cabin skiing and boarding, cooking, bowling, and just relaxing together. It’s now time to head home but I'm glad I got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people at the GSB!
Yoga on the Green at Stanford
Made it back just in time for Yoga On The Green, held by one of our certified yogi classmates Tal Lee! She and another classmate alternate teaching every week and have garnered a strong school following. The weather was great so we decided to practice outdoors. Namaste!
Panda Express at Stanford Tressder Union
This quarter I decided to take a computer science course at the Engineering School (CS106A: Programming Methodology). We are learning to code in Java and I really love this class. I made a quick stop at Panda Express in Tressider Union before I met my undergrad partner to spend the rest of the night working on our homework for the week.
Palm trees outside of Schwab GSB Residence
Mid-February and we already have such beautiful weather. My friends from back home in the Philippines always ask me if I live on campus or in a resort! I’m up early to head to one of my favorite classes this quarter - HR for Startups! This class is co-taught by Sanjay Jaswa (ex-CFO, Dropbox) and John Lilly (Partner, Greylock).
Danny Curzon and Danica Jacinto
At my third coaching and mentoring session with Danny Curzon, my Personal Leadership Coach (PLC). We walked around campus, got some Jamba juice, and talked through my goals and next steps for the quarter. We also spent some time focusing on the GSB student body presidential elections, as campaigning kicked-off yesterday.
Danica Jacinto and Mark Moeremans at Stanford GSB
My running-mate Mark and I hosted the first-ever Presidential BBQ, talking to classmates and friends about our platform and ideas for the school. We held it in the Schwab courtyard. It was my first time on the grill! The cooking and conversations were both very successful.
Small Group Dinner at Stanford GSB
At the GSB, we love our Small Group Dinners! Today I was lucky enough to attend a Texas BBQ themed dinner - ribs, pulled pork, chicken, corn, beans galore! I was so excited to spend time with classmates that I hadn’t gotten to know that well, and of course, to learn more about Texan culture!
Student presidential debate at Stanford GSB
This is the most nervous I have been at the GSB. Sitting in front of several peers, baring my soul and debating against such extraordinary people! I was particularly nervous for questions from the audience - those are always so unpredictable. I think Mark and I did well and our passion for service really came through.
Today’s lecture in marketing class was all about branding, and we learned that critics ranked Smirnoff vodka higher than Absolut in their original taste tests. Our professor always finds ways to make this class fun and interesting.
MBA Lounge at Stanford GSB
The MBA Lounge is a common space open to all students from both classes. I frequently do my homework or send out emails from here, because there is always someone new to talk to or a familiar face to keep me grounded. Today, an MBA2 made popcorn and shared it with everyone in the Lounge. There’s a refrigerator, microwave, charging station, and cable TV so you never get bored or hungry!
GER faculty advisor Russell Siegelman
I’ll be going to Croatia and Bosnia in the spring to fulfill my Global Experience Requirement. Tonight, our faculty advisor Russell Siegelman (ex Microsoft, Kleiner Perkins) is speaking to our MBA2 trip leaders on the focus of our trip and what expertise he will be bringing! His experience in Silicon Valley will have a huge impact on the meetings we will be attending. We’ve been prepping all year for this trip and it’s now right around the corner!