Jana Bojorquez

Jana Bojorquez
MBA 2017
  • Hometown: Mexico City
  • Pre-MBA: Operations manager at a liquid sugar refinery

Jana Bojorquez

Post Graduation Goals:

Bring new technologies to rural areas and increase profitability in the agribusiness sector

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

Hiking and camping for two days in Yosemite with some of my classmates

Palmtrees outside of Schwab
Since I live in Schwab 7:00 a.m. is more than enough time to get ready, breakfast included, for class at 8:00 a.m. I met my family business class group before class because we were presenting a case.
Edgar and Matt at Schwab front desk
I go back to Schwab, get my computer, grab a snack, and respond to some e-mails. Edgar and Matt’s kindness and integrity have really made my experience at Schwab more memorable.
Guest speaker Jay Picconato from GM
Jay Picconato from GM came as a guest speaker to talk about brands. My takeaways? 1. Be ambitious, 2. Be actionable and 3. Be authentic when it comes to selling a product.
I manage to get some food at Coupa before going to my finance class. I usually end up grabbing food with someone, whether it’s unexpected or not.
I always try to squeeze in some time during the day to go to the gym. Be it half an hour or an hour, it’s a key moment of my day.
In the kitchen with Prof. Michal Kosinski
I’m hosting a Small Group Dinner with a professor. Small Group Dinners are organized by the Social Committee and are a great way to meet more people from my class as well as faculty members.
Around the table at a Small Group Dinner
Professor Michal Kosinski came over for the Small Group Dinner and we talked about machine learning, big data, and the perks of being a faculty professor at the GSB.
I don’t have classes this quarter on Wednesday but it is still a very busy day. I started the day by going to the bank and visiting Vaden for a medical check up.
Jana on her bicycle
I really like the gym at the school but sometimes I ride my bike to a fitness class in Palo Alto. Hot Pilates is a great class if you want something different that will leave you exhausted.
I visit Bill at the Career Management Center. Bill is helping me find the best internship for the summer.
Dmitry is giving me some great peer-tutoring sessions since I’m struggling in my Data & Decisions class. He is great at explaining things and I really enjoy our sessions!
Jana with Maite and Sol
So many people to catch up with! I grab coffee with Maite and Sol and we finally manage to catch up on our plans for the summer.
Jana with Rogelio and Santiago
I get together with my classmates Rogelio and Santiago to start planning a Global Study Trip we want to lead to Mexico. We are really excited to be working together.
Marlena introduces Davide at his TALK
My friend Davide is giving his TALK tonight and Marlena gave a great introduction. TALK is just a very special moment. All the stories are amazing and unique.
Jana's laptop computer on her desk
I usually wake up at 6:00 a.m. on Thursdays, spend part of the morning checking e-mails or reading some cases and making myself breakfast.
Professor Kreps in front of the class
Professor Kreps teaches Managerial Economics, which has unexpectedly become one of my favorite classes this year.
Ed Lazear on Bloomberg News
I’m training to run a marathon in May with some of my GSB classmates so I need to be very strict with my gym routine. While watching Bloomberg News during my workout I saw Ed Lazear, my study trip faculty professor. I’ll meet him later at our Global Study Trip meeting, so this was a really funny coincidence.
Chairman of the German Green Party Mr. Ralf Fueck
There is always something to do during the lunch hour. This Thursday I went to a BBL (brown bag lunch) session where the chairman of the German Green Party Mr. Ralf Fueck spoke about global warming and environmental issues.
Arches of Stanford campus
Today was my last coaching session with Cody, my Personal Leadership Coach. I’m really thankful for having had him as my coach and helping me align my personal and professional goals.
I’m taking Organizational Strategy, a half-quarter course that looks at cases related to human resources topics.
Meeting for the Mongolia Global Study Trip
I’m going to Mongolia on a Global Study Trip in less than two weeks. We finally have our last meeting! Our faculty professor is Edward Lazear and we’re going to be visiting the Oyu Tolgoi mine and will be working on an impact project improving residential areas!
Friends at the dinner table
Went to Palo Alto to have dinner with some friends. Last week I was eating very often in the cafeteria (Arbucke or Coupa) and although the food is really good, home-made meals are always superior, especially when you have good company!