Jennifer Jun

MBA 2015
  • Hometown: New Jersey and Seoul, South Korea
  • Pre-MBA: Private equity in consumer retail industry

Jennifer Jun

Post Graduation Goals:

Work in a growing mid-sized company in the food industry.

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

Global Study Trip to New Zealand with 32 amazing classmates and faculty! We met with so many interesting Kiwi leaders across industries, in the private and public sector.

I try to wake up early in the morning, because it’s usually the most productive (i.e. quiet) time of my day.
Make my daily coffee and cereal! Eat breakfast while finishing up reading for class, Making Data Relevant. The case is on HR policies at the SAS Institute. Check emails that came in overnight.
Advanced Managerial Finance first thing on Monday.
A quick lunch in Arbuckle because my friends and I thought there was a BBL (brown bag lunch session) on product management, but turns out it was rescheduled.
As there was no BBL, we instead lounged around chatting with friends in Town Square. Sunny and 60's in January? No heat lamps needed!
Dashed into Bass Library to finish reading my case for Marketing class.
Marketing class with Professor Wheeler. Today we discussed ODI, a company that manufactured contact lenses for chickens. Class with Professor Wheeler is always engaging and entertaining, but needless to say discussing chicken contact lenses makes it even more so!
My last class of the day – Making Data Relevant – where we discussed HR policies at SAS.
After three classes back-to-back, I got back to my room to chat with Mahncy, my roommate, in our kitchen.
Time to check my inbox. I’ve been trying to concentrate email time at the beginning and end of the day, instead of constantly checking my phone. Afterwards, I worked on Admit Weekend planning. As a MAAP (MBA Admissions Ambassadors Program) leader I’ve been helping organize Admit Weekend social activities.
Head to my weekly catch-up dinner with my friend Anthony, an entrepreneur friend from Switzerland. Today we tried Mediterranean at Evvia and discussed his new start-up ideas.
After dinner, we rush to catch the highlight of Mondays – TALK! The first TALK of the evening was given by Sydney, who was in my section (Section One!) last quarter. If you ever run in to her, don’t forget to ask about the French Laundry Cookbook!
Back to my room to figure out what homework I have for tomorrow’s classes and start doing some reading.
Time for bed!
Woke up just in time for my first meeting of the day. Grab a quick granola bar and run out the door.
Career Life and Vision (CLV) Group meeting. CLV Groups are 6-7 classmates who meet with a Career Management Center facilitator to discuss broad life and professional goals and more specific tactical strategies. Today we talked about our various summer options, as some of us now have finalized our summer internships! It’s really amazing to see some of us chart the path of the more philosophical discussions we had last quarter. We also discussed the role of mentors and sponsors.
Stopped by Coupa Café to pick up a much needed coffee. Coupa is basically GSB’s Central Perk Café. Ran into a couple section-mates that I hadn’t seen since last quarter!
Head to Negotiation and Conflict Management class. Today we discussed the results from the last post-class negotiation. We start each class by looking at our actual results and applying both the theory we learned in this course, as well as prior relevant coursework such as organizational behavior and ethics.
Stopped by the MBA Student Lounge to pick up graded midterms. Went back to Schwab for a quick refresh (read: make-up) since I had to run out this morning in a rush.
Lunch with Margaret Hayes, assistant dean of the MBA Program. During the course of the year, Margaret hosts small group lunches with all MBA1s to get in-person feedback about our experience. One of the most memorable comments was from my friend Sam, about incorporating a base MBA-geared course on programming/technology into the fall quarter core curriculum. Given the fall quarter is about becoming conversant in the “language of business,” he highlighted the fact that CS-literacy is ever more relevant.
After leaving, Anna and I lingered in Town Square to further discuss ideas about WIM (Women in Management). She had brought up some thoughts during the lunch and we wanted to continue the discussion one-on-one.
Met with my Personal Leadership Coach (PLC), Michael. Time with my PLC is an hour during which I am open to discuss any issue that is most top-of-mind to me. Our discussions have ranged from adjusting to the GSB, to summer internship stress, to just being absolutely happy that day!
Sit in the back courtyard to finish reading for Economics of Organization. Throughout campus, there are a bunch of little alcoves with chairs and picnic tables to take advantage of the beautiful weather.
Back-to-back classes. Economics of Organization on the sub-prime mortgage crisis followed by Electronic Business class where we discussed American Express’ social strategy.
Heated up a quick dinner to share with my roommate. Caught up on emails from the day.
Hung out with my boyfriend for a bit. Even though we’re both at the GSB, sometimes we don’t even run in to each other during the day.
Caught up with my friend Kevin, whom I have known since we were summer interns together during college. When we both found out we got into the GSB we were absolutely ecstatic!
Woke up earlier than usual to register for spring quarter electives.
This weekend is Admit Weekend. It’s nice to feel the excitement on campus! Went to the Admit brunch in Vidalakis Dining Hall. Derrick gave a speech on the amazing accomplishments of the incoming class. Can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was an admit myself!
Read case on Aqualisa, a UK-based shower head manufacturer, for a Marketing group project ahead of our meeting.
Met up with my marketing group in Bass to work on our group project. The assignment is to develop a distribution strategy for Aqualisa’s new product. We discussed our analysis of the company and put together a general outline of how we want to structure our proposal.
Headed to CEMEX to speak on the Admit Weekend panel for the GSB’s global experience requirement. It was nice to speak of my amazing global study trip to New Zealand while also spending time with other MAAP members, including Simone who served as one of the co-chairs of Admit Weekend.
Headed back to Bass to re-join my marketing group. We put the finishing touches on our paper and split up.
Headed back to Schwab. I had a long-awaited Facetime scheduled with my college roommate back in New York! It was so nice to catch up.
Final Admit Weekend event for me - dinner at Vidalakais. Tonight’s alum keynote speaker was Josh Silverman, who currently serves as President of U.S. Consumer Services at American Express.
After dinner, I went to Ashley’s room to watch the Olympics. Sarah, Aditi and Kevin were also there to join in the fun.
The nightly email catch-up. Also, a carry-over from my weekends back when I lived in New York - reading the Sunday New York Times (free copies in the Schwab lobby!)
Finally, time for sleep!