Michael Bobich

Michael Bobich
MBA 2017
  • Hometown: Alamo, California
  • Pre-MBA: Brand Management

Michael Bobich

Post Graduation Goals:

Help run a consumer products company and build brands that enable people to live better lives

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

Small group dinners - a wonderful way to learn about and from classmates over a home cooked meal

Up at my normal wake-up time. It allows me to catch up on emails and read the news as I enjoy a mandatory cup of coffee.
View from the bike ride to campus
My wife and I live just off campus, so my daily commute is a 15 minute bike ride. I get to enjoy the beautiful Stanford campus as I go, and though there are a lot of bikes, there’s never any traffic!
Global Operations class at Stanford GSB
Soaking in another lecture from Hau Lee in Global Operations. His contagious energy on the topic makes covering inventory and international tariffs early in the morning well worth it.
Homework in Bass Library at Stanford GSB
After grabbing some coffee at Coupa, the local coffee shop on campus, I head to the Bass Library to crank through some work for the week ahead. In addition to class this week, it is a busy week with activities so capitalizing on time between class is key.
View from the Top with Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon and Pepsi Co CEO Indra Nooyi
One of my favorite things at the GSB is View From the Top, a speaker series where CEOs and high profile leaders come and share their experience. Today, Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi are joining us. As someone who worked in brand marketing before school, I was very interested to hear what they had to say.
View of the Knight Management Center campus
With class for the day in the books, I walk toward my bike to head back to my apartment. It is another gorgeous day on campus - which makes the bike ride even more pleasant.
After going to the gym and reading a couple cases for the next day, my wife and I make dinner, catching up on our days.
Finish up my class work for the evening, and begin prepping for the Stanford baseball game tomorrow. I am doing play-by-play for KZSU radio, so I need the time to brush up on team stats and trends.
Attend my Strategy Beyond Markets class. The class covers how businesses make impactful strategic moves in the political sphere. I am also getting a public policy certificate while I am here at the GSB, so I have thoroughly enjoyed the class. Today we cover Uber, and the challenging decisions they made to get to where they are now.
Keystone at Knight Management Center
As I walk to Tressider Union to meet a friend for coffee, I stop and catch a picture of the school dedication, found on the Gunn building. It is a constant reminder to myself of the impact one can have on the world.
Sports Cafe at Stanford GSB
While Arbuckle is the main cafeteria for the GSB, my secret favorite place to grab lunch is the Sports Cafe, located just across the street. From burritos, to omelets, to a Thanksgiving worthy turkey dinner, this small place has proven to be a great way to get a diversity of food options and connect with friends.
Sunken Diamond baseball diamond
Time for the first pitch at Sunken Diamond! Having broadcasted my entire time in undergrad, I had the itch to get behind the mic again when I came to the GSB. Though not affiliated with the business school, broadcasting for KZSU has enabled me to continue this passion and experience some of the broader benefits Stanford has to offer.
With the game in the books, back to the library for a finance group project. We're comparing models on how we valued the company in our case for the week, and understanding where our assumptions may differ. Group projects have been one of the many ways I have not only been able to meet classmates, but also learn from them in their areas of expertise (and vice versa I would like to believe!).
Arrive home, grab a quick snack and catch up on emails I have missed during the day. I do not have any classes tomorrow (Wednesday), so I will have some time to catch up prior to heading into the back half of the week.
Memorial Church
Since my wife and I are heading up to Napa for the weekend with other GSBers, I decide to walk to the Knight campus so my bike isn’t left there all weekend. I passed by Memorial Church and the main quad, one of my favorite areas of the undergraduate part of campus.
The day is so nice I decide to work at a table out in Town Square, the main quad of the GSB. Though not always the most productive location given the amount of people you run into, the fun conversations as well as the sun and calm breeze, make the decision an easy one.
Across the street from the edge of Stanford is Town & Country shopping center. I need to stop by to grab a few last minute things for the weekend trip. I also grab a bite at one of the local joints found in the complex.
Last class of the week is Macroeconomics. Today we cover the similarities and differences between the Great Depression and Recession. The course is one of the many options as part of the Management Foundations portion of the curriculum.
View of San Francisco from the highway
On the road! On our way to Napa, we cut through downtown San Francisco and head over the Golden Gate bridge to Marin County. I'm looking forward to getting away from campus for a few days and hanging out with some of our closest friends that my wife and I have met since coming to the GSB.
Crossing the Golden Gate bridge
Clearly we were not the only people who thought Napa would be fun this weekend, as traffic delays our arrival at the house we rented. Having now unpacked, we get the grill fired up and start making dinner.