Omid Scheybani

Omid Scheybani
MBA 2017
  • Hometown: Lauf, Germany
  • Pre-MBA: Google

Omid Scheybani

Post Graduation Goals:

Work at the intersection of tech entrepreneurship and emerging markets

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

Acting in the GSB Show, a one-night musical performance for 1200 family, classmates, staff and professors

Stanford Dish
I’m still a little sore from yesterday’s workout, so I’ll be going for a 45-minute run around the dish instead. The dish is a reference to a telescope dish nearby and the walk path that leads all around it. From my apartment at the Munger Residences for graduate students, it’s the perfect 45-minute run!
I’m meeting my mentor! She was kind enough to find some time in her busy work schedule (marketing director at a large tech company) for us to meet and chat. We met randomly a year ago as fellow Iranians and through the fact that we both attend(ed) the GSB! Got to pick her brain on some of my internship ideas.
Microeconomics Class
Time for Microeconomics, a mandatory class. I wish I had studied a bit harder for the placement test so I would have ended up in the advanced class. Lesson learned.
Stanford GSB Diversity Committee
Meeting with the Diversity Committee that I’m part of. Discussing what initiatives we want to launch this quarter to create an even more inclusive environment at the GSB.
Cases! I have to read some of my cases and submit some papers.
Omid next to Jeep Compass
OMG! Big thing happening…I’m finally picking up my car which I bought through Carlypso, a marketplace for used cars (founded by a GSB alum). I've been wanting a Jeep Compass for ages and I’m glad I finally made the purchase so I can travel more easily back to SF where I have a lot of my pre-MBA network and friends.
We have a Women in Management (WIM) group, and an ally organization called WIMmen – a group that is dedicated to engaging more men in the conversation of how we can be more supportive of women. I happen to be the co-chair of the WIMmen initiative and I came to support a Myer Briggs personality test event hosted by WIM (aimed at both men and women)!
The top 10% of our class will graduate as Arjay Miller scholars. The other 90% come together on Tuesday nights to socialize. It’s all student-run and not everyone participates, but it’s a great way to get to know the nightlife in the South Bay (the locations rotate).
Good morning, Stanford! Hitting the gym with one of my classmates. We have become each other’s accountability buddies.
Busy day studying. We don’t have classes on Wednesdays, so I’m reading cases for all my different classes in the second half of the week. Data & Decisions, Microeconomics, Media Entrepreneurship, Leading Through Culture, HR for Start-ups, etc.
Now that I’m done with reading cases and doing homework, it’s time to be social again. I'm meeting classmates and professors, and going to the engineering school for a weekly speaker series called ETL (Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders).
Roommate with cake on his face
My roommate jokes all the time that I should buy him cake. What started as a joke became a prank. Upon asking him whether he really wants a cake, he adamantly requested one. So a day later, I surprised him with a cake. Yet he wasn’t prepared for how I delivered it - right in his face.
Omid and classmate iceskating
It’s one of my classmate’s birthdays so we are taking him out ice skating. He had no idea we were coming, but we surprised him on the ice. So much fun.
TALK at the GSB
It’s our weekly TALK event during which two students are chosen (lottery) to share the story of their lives. The depth of my classmates’ journeys fascinates me. TALK really helps me understand the human side of the excellence that I encounter here at the GSB.
I had too much fun today, so it’s time to catch up on emails and my personal projects at home.
Oh workout today. Just too tired. I need a break.
HR for Start-ups at the GSB
Today in HR for Start-ups we have an alum as a guest speaker who has had a tremendous career as an entrepreneur. This is exciting! Overall this has been a great class with a lot of high-profile guest speakers sharing invaluable insights.
Meeting Sam Beard. He has been a public service advisor to seven different US presidents. I was introduced to him and he happened to be in the area with some extra time to meet me and some classmates.
Omid and newly admitted student
Time for coffee chats and meetings. A recent admit has reached out to me through a mutual friend (an alum from 20 years ago) and wanted to pick my brain. We went for a walk and we talked through her concerns/thoughts around pursuing an MBA. She couldn’t deny that the university and California are unbeatable.
In Media Entrepreneurship class we discussed Buzzfeed. Our guest speaker wasn’t able to come in person, but she dialed-in via Google Hangouts. I really enjoy learning more about modern media businesses.
Weight machines at the gym
Back home to do emails, laundry, go to the gym (I couldn’t get up in the morning, but I still wanted to get my workout in today).
Meet some friends at the Patio. Having moved to the US about 5 years ago, I was not very familiar with US college culture. At times it is a little outside of my comfort zone…but it’s fun!