Shaka Bahadu

MBA 2012
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Pre-MBA: 8th Grade Science Teacher, Teach for America

Shaka Bahadu

Post Graduation Goals:

Finishing medical school, starting ventures that improve patient care, building healthcare facilities around the globe, and helping to save the world.

A favorite GSB memory

'Leading Strategic Change in Healthcare'

No time to exercise on Monday mornings. Class starts pretty early for me:) at 8 AM. Usually, I try to have a piece of fruit but I am often running out the door forgetting since I cycle to school everyday.
Cycling to school.
Class class class. Today we were learning about the difference between observational case studies and randomized control trials. Stuff I already knew about but in much more depth. This is a great analytical class. Global trip leadership - it is like a group therapy session. Usually we go through some role plays and talk about how we would handle particular "crises" on a trip. Mostly, we learn how to master influence from the guru of organizational behavior David Bradford.
By this time I am starving. I cycle home to get a sandwich and think about the rest of the day.
Usually this block is spent doing odds and ends or procrastinating about reading assignments. I am taking a conversational french class, for fun. My girlfriend is French so I figured I would try it out.
Another early morning! Can you believe it?
Cycling to school.
This time I had a conference call with my classmate and an up and coming entrepreneur. Our formation of new ventures class has an assignment to interview a start-up founder to get some insights.
After conference call James and I headed to our entrepreneurship class. Class was fairly tame but the overall discussion was pretty good. We discussed the challenge of starting a company with so much uncertainty. Tips and tricks, and a little bit of luck.
Meeting with the Cambodia/Thailand leadership team or "How you plan a great trip."
My girlfriend was in town. We spent the morning preparing a meal for a brunch with friends. Brunch with our friends Ben and Claire; we had quiche and butternut squash soup.
Relaxation Cali style.
Halloween Party. We took a limo into SF with a big group of people and rocked it out all night.