Talal Alhammad

Tala Alhammad
MBA 2016
  • Hometown: Saudi Arabia
  • Pre-MBA: Uber and McKinsey

Talal Alhammad

Post Graduation Goals:

I hope to focus on operations and logistics at an e-commerce start-up.

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

So many to choose from! TALK every Monday, hanging out in Town Square, and renting a bus and going to a cooking competition with GSBers!

Coffee at Coupa
Grabbing coffee at Coupa! A ritual every day before class, between class, and usually after class.
Advanced Marketing: Product Launch class
My first class of the day is Advanced Marketing: Product Launch. The key takeaways are 1) is there a market? and 2) can you make money?
In class all day. I’m taking a higher than average course load and I usually have back-to-back classes until 5pm. But they are all classes I really enjoy, including Scaling Up Excellence, Corporate Financial Modeling, and Advanced Global Operations.
Mail room at the GSB
Picking up my exam from the mail room next to the MBA lounge.
With Diana at a small group dinner
Small Group Dinners are a GSB tradition. I usually go to one per week. Tonight's dinner was in the Schwab Residence courtyard. Diana and I were really enjoying the chips. These dinners are definitely one of my favorite parts of the GSB.
Golf at Stanford
Classes don't meet on Wednesday so it's a good chance to do some outdoor activities. This quarter I’m taking golf lessons.
Walk to Jordan Quad
There are a lot of beautiful places to study on campus. After a light lunch I went to study for a couple hours near the Main Quad.
White Party celebration in Town Square
The White Party charity auction, a GSB tradition, is tomorrow, and students gathered in Town Square for a pre-celebration.
Dinner with classmates
I’m from Saudi Arabia so home is far away, but luckily lots of GSB families have adopted us international students. Here’s a picture of a dinner hosted by a GSBer at her house in San Jose.
I wind down the day by doing homework and preparing for classes.
Talal in class
Another full day of classes. Here I am in Scaling Up Excellence.
Lunch in Town Square
Nothing makes me happier than having lunch in Town Square. Every day at noon the entire square fills up with students. No GSBers have class during lunch time so it’s a good time to catch up with friends.
Student club leadership candidates
A few classmates and I are running for club leadership positions. With 15 minutes between classes, we posed for pictures to promote our campaigns. The elections turned out well - I'm proud to be co-president of the High Tech Club.
Friends at an event
Some friends and I headed up to San Francisco to have dinner and attend an event.