In evaluating your education, we look at whether you have challenged yourself throughout your academic career and whether you have done well.

We also want to learn about your accomplishments, specifically those for which you have received recognition — both inside and outside of the classroom.

Academic Degrees

We do not prefer a particular curriculum for undergraduate study. Instead, we look at how you have challenged yourself throughout your academic career and how you have performed.

A U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required for admission to the Stanford MSx Program. Only under rare circumstances will we consider exceptions to this policy.  Please review the following International Academic Credentials guidelines.

Grade Point Average

Many applicants worry whether we know that depending on one’s concentration, university, or educational system, lower grades and stronger grades may actually be equivalent. We do.

GPA (or rank in class, or actual grades) is not of greatest importance to us. By focusing on your achievements within context, we evaluate how you have excelled within your individual academic environment and how you have taken advantage of the opportunities available to you in your school and community.

No minimum GPA is required for admission to the Stanford MSx Program.


We require you to upload an unofficial transcript in the online application and to provide an official transcript only after you have been admitted. Any discrepancy between the unofficial and official transcripts may have serious consequences in regards to the status of your application.

Transcript Requirements

Submit an electronic, unofficial transcript from each university you attended for at least one full academic year (two semesters, three quarters, or three trimesters), regardless of the number of credits received. Do not include transcripts from secondary school (high school).

You do not need to submit transcripts for units transferred from a previous institution or for year-abroad programs if those units appear or are recorded on your undergraduate transcript.

Your transcript must include the degree conferred and the conferral date. If your transcript does not include a conferred degree or degree date, you must include a diploma transcript.

Submitting Your Unofficial Transcript

  • Scan a copy (front and back) of your unofficial university transcript.
  • Confirm that the scanned transcript is legible.
  • Verify that the university name is visible.
  • If your transcript is in a language other than English, an English translation is required.
  • Optimize the electronic file of your transcript so that it is no more than 2MB.
  • Illegible or improperly submitted transcripts will delay the review of your application.

Language Proficiency

Since the Stanford community uses English as its primary language, and all courses at Stanford GSB are taught in English, you must demonstrate proficiency in English. If you do speak other languages, however, you can indicate your proficiency in up to eight languages (excluding English) in your application.