The original campus location. Credit: Stacy Geiken

Sixty Years and Counting

The Stanford GSB MSx Class of 2018 — the 61st cohort to graduate as Sloan Fellows at Stanford — looks quite different from the first group of 12 men in the program’s inaugural Class of 1958.

Then, they were a mix of PhD students and mid-level managers from corporate America, meant to share ideas and become the academics and executives of the future.

Today, they are startup CEOs and bankers, military pilots, and nonprofit founders. They come from all corners of the world, arriving at Stanford with ambitions of personal and professional growth.

Although the program also has grown increasingly flexible in its curriculum for students with a range of career goals, its academic rigor has held steady across generations.

“The program has evolved, but it has always been a place for people at a later stage in their career to pause and reflect in a deep way,” says Mike Hochleutner, director of the program since 2012.

To celebrate the MSx Program’s 60th anniversary, we’ve put together a series of articles spanning all six decades: profiles of notable alumni, along with an update on how the program has changed since those 12 American men came to campus. (Spoiler alert: These days, most of the students carry international passports, and a growing percentage are women.)