Professor Jonathan Levav teaching a session for Stanford Ignite – Santiago

Stanford Ignite – Santiago

In Santiago, Chile, Stanford Ignite is offered as a part-time program. Through a combination of in-person instruction and live sessions delivered by distance-learning technology, we offer curriculum based on the Stanford campus program that is adapted for the Chilean market. All instruction is conducted in English.

Stanford Ignite - Santiago, Chile
Powering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Past participants in the first Stanford Ignite – Santiago program share what makes this program essential to entrepreneurial success.


Graduate students currently pursuing a master’s, MD, PhD, post-doc program in a nonbusiness field.

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience (an advanced degree is preferred).

If you have an MBA, graduate degree in management, and/or extensive managerial training, you are not eligible to apply.

Time Commitment

Stanford Ignite provides approximately 100 classroom hours and 100 to 150 project hours. Admitted applicants must be able to attend all sessions


The cost of attendance includes course materials, program events, and some meals.

Tuition for Stanford Ignite – Santiago
2017 US $10,000

Financial Aid

Accepted applicants will be eligible to apply for a 50% scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded to four exceptional self-sponsored participants.


Submit your application as early as possible. To be considered for admission, your application must include:

  • Current resume
  • A series of short essays
  • Two recommendations submitted via the application website

Applications will not be accepted after the published deadline.


A woman looks at a Maserati Ghibli car at its dealership. | Reuters/Kim
February 16, 2017

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Marketing Professor Jonathan Levav says it’s possible, and lists the five ways that you may already be trying to do so.


Past Participant Spotlight
Co-founder, Amara Foods
Stanford Ignite

Stanford Ignite provided me theoretical and practical tools that I use everyday to make decisions about the company’s strategy and vision. As the co-founder of a fast growing start-up developing healthy, easy to prepare and nutritious food, the experience of learning something in a classroom and immediately applying it to my business was incredibly valuable.