Quantitative Marketing Conference

This conference, held in August of 2017, brought together recent Stanford PhD graduates — who are now junior faculty in marketing departments — to present their work to current faculty, PhD students, and more senior alumni from the PhD Program.

The goal of this conference was to provide these graduates with feedback on their presentations, and further initiate discussion and thought to improve quantitative marketing research among the Stanford community.

Faculty Organizer


Tomomichi Amano, instructor of marketing, Columbia University
Presentation: Patent Protection, Marketing, and the Diffusion of Hybrid Vehicles (joint with Wesley R. Hartmann)

Bryan Bollinger, assistant professor of marketing, Duke University
Presentation: Peer Effects in Outdoor Water Conservation: Evidence from Consumer Migration

Kristina Brecko, assistant professor, Simon Business School, Rochester University
Presentation: The Role of Durable Technology in Conservation Management

Oeystein Daljord, assistant professor of marketing, University of Chicago
Presentation: Identification of Discount Factors in Choice Models

Xing Li, job market candidate, Stanford University
Presentation: Does Air Pollution Affect Food Consumption?

Anita Rao, associate professor of marketing, University of Chicago
Presentation: Value of Search Aggregators

Scott Shriver, assistant professor of marketing, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
Presentation: Optimizing Content and Pricing Strategies for Digital Video Games (with Hema Yoganarasimhan)

Anna Tuchman, assistant professor of marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Presentation: Evaluating the Welfare Impact of Soda Taxes (joint with Stephan Seiler and Song Yao)