Hans Nilsson, Seed Coach

Hans Nilsson

Hans Nilsson, Seed Coach


As an international CEO and executive for technology and industrial technology-based companies, Hans Nilsson had valuable exposure to a wide range of markets, particularly as CEO for Spectris and Deloro Stellite. These companies both serve a large spectrum of markets ranging from pharmaceuticals and food to steel, automotive, and aerospace. Nilsson’s early career was in product marketing and innovation-driven product development. However, Nilsson also has significant experience in distribution and manufacturing. During his entire career he has had international responsibilities including direct experience in China, India, Mexico, Africa and Malaysia, in addition to all major developed countries.

Nilsson’s leadership style is one of empathy, involvement, and engagement. A comfortable and skilled delegator, he also has the ability to build trust rapidly and effectively, which in aggregate typically leads to collective enthusiasm. His interest in and aptitude for strategy and the architecture of processes to deliver strategy has formed the basis for his success as CEO and more recently in his non-executive roles. Nilsson currently has a portfolio of activities ranging from supporting charities and mentoring and consulting, to starting up green companies and ethical investing. Nilsson has lived in Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, the U.S., and the U.K., and has travelled to over 90 countries, many with his family. In addition to his native Swedish, Nilsson can also converse in Spanish and German. He is married to a Swiss and has two adult children. Hans holds an MSEE from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Nilsson’s particular interest in being a Seed coach lies in the program’s focus on creating jobs, directly and indirectly. He believes the role provides the opportunity for personal growth and a real sense of giving back.