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Grit & Growth Podcast

Meet intrepid entrepreneurs from Africa and South Asia, hear their stories of trial and triumph, and gain insights and guidance from Stanford University faculty and global business experts on how to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Each episode is a unique opportunity to hear about recent discoveries, get practical business tips, and learn proven leadership strategies from some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Introducing: Grit & Growth

Communicating Your Big Idea

Meet Martin Stimela, CEO of Botswana-based Brastorne Enterprises, and Matt Abrahams, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer and communications expert. As Martin prepares to pitch his business expansion plan, hear Matt’s tips on how to grab attention, harness emotions, and create a lasting connection with your audience. Then listen in on Martin’s actual pitch…and Matt’s feedback. 

It's All in Your Head: Masterclass on Thriving in Turbulent Times

Welcome to Grit & Growth’s masterclass on crisis management and mindset, featuring Baba Shiv, Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor of Marketing. From mental to physical preparation, Baba provides insights on cultivating an innovative mindset to help you survive and thrive in challenging times.

Rising from the Ashes: Reflections on Resilient Leadership

Meet Kwami Williams, Cofounder and CEO of MoringaConnect, and Brian Lowery, Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor, to learn how one Ghanaian entrepreneur overcame fires, floods, theft, and COVID to build a more resilient and successful company.

Masterclass on The Ins & Outs of Mergers & Acquisitions

Welcome to Grit & Growth’s masterclass on the ins & outs of mergers & acquisitions in Africa, featuring Victor Basta CEO of DAI Magister. From attracting potential buyers to navigating due diligence, Victor provides practical, tactical advice based on 30 years of experience.

The Moment Chooses You: The Strategic Acquisition Journey

Meet Caroline Wanjiku, co-founder of Daproim Africa, and Victor Basta, CEO of DAI Magister, and learn how one intrepid Kenyan entrepreneur overcame adversity to transform her bootstrapped social enterprise into a strategic acquisition.

Masterclass on India’s Venture Capital Ecosystem

Welcome to Grit & Growth’s masterclass on the investment landscape in India, featuring Sandeep Singhal, Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners. A pioneer of venture capital in India, Sandeep shares practical tips for entrepreneurs seeking early-stage funding.

Successfully Raising Capital in India in a Sector Where No One Has Raised Capital Before

Meet Aditi Shrivastava, Cofounder and CEO of digital entertainment company Pocket Aces, and learn how the company identified investors to support them on their journey to entertain hundreds of millions of Indians in a rapidly shifting media landscape.

Raising Capital in Africa: It’s Not Just About the Money

Meet Elo Umeh, Managing Director and CEO of Terragon Group, a Nigerian digital marketing and data insights company, and Andreata Muforo and Ido Sum from TLcom Capital, and learn how to make the most of your fundraising efforts to successfully grow your business in Africa.

East-meets-West: An African Strategic Acquisition Story

Meet Adam Abate and Tayo Oviosu from Paga, and Victor Basta, CEO of DAI Magister, and hear about the hurdles and high points of an East-meets-West African fintech acquisition.

Masterclass on Running a Family Business

Welcome to Grit & Growth’s masterclass on the complexities and opportunities of running a family business, featuring Peter Francis, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer. Peter provides practical strategies, tactics, and firsthand experiences of effective family business management.

All in the Family: Managing a Family Business for Success and Succession

Meet Naomi Kipkorir and Annette Kimitei, the mother-daughter team leading Senaca East Africa, and Peter Francis, lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and hear about finding success and navigating succession in a family run business.

Crisis in India: Managing a Health Care Operation during COVID

Hear the story of Shuchin Bajaj, a doctor and entrepreneur who set out to provide affordable, quality health care in rural India and found himself on the front lines of the pandemic through his network of 15 hospitals.

Masterclass on Early Stage Financing

A masterclass on raising capital, featuring Zach George, general partner at Launch Africa Ventures and cofounder of Startup Bootcamp Africa. Zach provides honest, practical advice on what founders really need to focus on to attract and secure the right investors.

Early Stage Financing

Meet Arun Iyer, CEO of Alpha Direct Insurance Company, and Zach George, general partner at Launch Africa Ventures, and learn what it takes to transition your funding from friends and family to angel investors and venture capital.

Mindful Leadership

Meet Faraz Ramji, founder of Norda Industries and Mindfulness Coach, and Leah Weiss, Stanford GSB lecturer, to hear why mindfulness and emotional intelligence should be part of every entrepreneur’s skillset.

Navigating a Business through Crisis

Meet Likitha Maddukuri, CEO and cofounder of Terra Greens, and Baba Shiv, Stanford GSB professor of marketing, and hear how unprecedented adversity can create incredible opportunity … when you have the right mindset.

Meet the Host

Executive Director, Stanford Seed
Darius Teter is executive director of Stanford Seed, a Stanford Graduate School of Business-led initiative that partners with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives. Darius has held leadership positions at Oxfam America, the Asian Development Bank, and with the U.S. government where his experience included advising governments on economic policy, developing human rights programming, and financing infrastructure megaprojects across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. All the while, he remained intrigued by the human experience and our universal drive towards growth and prosperity.