Impact Labs

The Impact Labs program empowers students to explore a variety of approaches to having social and environmental impact in the world.

Students, often in partnership with a classmate, are paired with mentors at organizations to gain exposure to nonprofit board governance, impact funding, and/or responsible business. Students participate in meetings and activities designed to highlight the core business activities of each field and work for the organizations on projects that bring value to their hosts.

The program allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world organizational challenges and develop tools for their future careers and community leadership.

What to Expect as an Impact Labs Associate

The Impact Labs associate experience is a reciprocal one: Students bring a fresh perspective to an organization and a desire to make a positive impact through a project; host organizations bring passion for their mission and deep experiences in their fields. The program includes the following components:

  • Mandatory pre-onboarding educational activities on campus
  • Participation in board, committee, and other meetings selected to provide insight into the business activities of each field
  • Completion of a project that brings value to the host organization, with students presenting final results to the organization, sharing learnings with peers at the year-end wrap-up, and providing a copy of the presentation to the Impact Labs leadership team
  • Mentorship by one or more employees or nonprofit board members of the host organization so that the student will develop greater understanding of the organization’s business activities and the mentor’s role in those activities
  • Participation in the Impact Labs kickoff event, and midyear and year-end convening
  • Periodic updates with the Impact Labs leadership team
  • Evaluation at the end of the commitment

Key Benefits of the Impact Labs Program

  • Apply classroom knowledge to real-world organizational challenges.
  • Learn about issues in particular fields, such as education, environment, health care, and international development.
  • Experience the business activities and processes of an individual social-impact organization.
  • Expand your networks with leaders in their fields, and learn about certain organizations in a specific social-impact field.
  • Reflect on observations and learnings with other Impact Labs associates in structured sharing sessions.
  • Prepare yourself for a future career or community service in the applicable fields.