Around the World

Stanford Graduate School of Business has built a global reputation upon its management and leadership programs that transform people and prepare them to change organizations, change lives, and change the world.

Through these programs, which often include global experiences for students, and with alumni on every continent, Stanford GSB makes an impact around the world.


Vandana Jain
Alumni Spotlight
Managing Director, Advanced Eye Hospital

When I returned to India to start the eye hospital, the alumni network not only shared their expertise on various aspects of starting a business – everything from feasibility to fundraising – but they opened up their networks. I feel privileged to be part of this inspiring, accomplished group of people.


Alumni Spotlight

I participated in study trips to Kenya, India, and South Africa for my Global Experiences. On each trip, I shaped my understanding of my role in emerging markets, which I couldn’t have done by only reading case studies or sitting in a classroom.