Keegan Cooke

Keegan Cooke

Associate Director, Startup Garage & Entrepreneurial Curriculum
Centers and Initiatives for Research, Curriculum & Learning Experiences

Keegan is a dynamic scientist and entrepreneur with a wide range of product and business development experiences. Some of the problems that Keegan has focused on include: Water quality in urban Bangladesh, STEM education in the U.S., Water supply in rural Tanzania, Economic mobility in Kenya, and renewable energy supply at the bottom of the ocean.

In addition to supporting Stanford’s famed Startup Garage course, Keegan runs an NGSS-aligned STEM education company (Magical Microbes), and serves as a mentor to several early-stage hardware startups.

Keegan holds a BS in BioPhysics from the University of Michigan, and MS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Last Updated 24 Oct 2017