Drupal Paragraphs

Paragraphs enable authors to efficiently create and configure a variety of consistently designed, mobile-responsive elements on pages in their section.

Features & Options

A Paragraph, or PA, is a predefined collection of data fields that display as a complete package of text, media, and/or links on a page.


  • Create new content rows on a page from a list of predefined Paragraph types
  • Add an individual Paragraph to a row or multiple Paragraphs into a content group
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder rows or items within a row
  • Unpublish a Paragraph to temporarily remove it from a page or content group
  • Add a Paragraph to the Paragraph library to make it reusable across multiple pages

Paragraph Library

  • Add a Paragraph “From library” by referencing its entity ID or label
  • Search and filter reusable Paragraphs in your section by ID, labels, type, and content owner
  • See the usage information by Paragraph to find out how many and which pages they are currently being used on
  • Edit reusable Paragraphs within the library to update multiple pages at once
  • Delete unused Paragraphs from the library
  • Create new reusable Paragraphs in the library

Reusing Paragraphs Across Pages

Drupal 7

In Drupal 7, we used fieldable panel panes, or FPPs, to add content to a page. Since FPPs were not saved as part of a page’s revision history, we advised web authors to make all FPPs reusable because nonreusable FPPs could not be made reusable later and could not be restored if removed from the page they were created on.

Drupal 8

A new entity type, enabled through the Drupal Paragraphs module, that has replaced FPPs from Drupal 7. In Drupal 8, PAs can be promoted to or unlinked from the PA library at any time and can be restored through revision history.

The Comms team is in the process of clean up the PA library and unlinking/deleting PAs that are only being used on one page. Going forward, it will be the responsibility of web authors to only add PAs to the PA library when necessary to add to additional pages.