Current Lab Availability

The Behavioral Lab has seven full-time research coordinators to run in-lab studies for Stanford faculty and senior Stanford GSB doctoral students (in their fourth, fifth, or sixth year). Each study we conduct is managed by an RC (full-time research coordinator); therefore, the lab can run roughly seven in-lab studies concurrently.

Typically, doctoral students manage their own studies if they are in their first, second, or third year. Sometimes we are able to provide undergraduate RAs to help, but not all the time, and not the full-time lab RCs.

Below is a table of the lab’s full-time research coordinators and the date of their expected upcoming availability based on the projects on which they are currently working.

The dates of the RC’s expected availability are updated weekly. Often, availability dates will increase due to a number of factors outside of the lab’s control. When the lab is at full capacity, new requests for upcoming in-lab studies will be placed in queue. The queue is listed below.

The Behavioral Lab is a resource for Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and doctoral students only. Do not request to use the lab for an experiment if you are not a Stanford GSB faculty member or doctoral student.

How long will this study take to complete?

It is difficult to predict how long a study will take, as it depends on multiple factors including the:

  • Time of year — in summer, there are fewer students to participate in studies; in winter there are more.
  • Demographic or previous-study prerequisites
  • Total number of subjects (total N) requested
  • Number of subjects run at once (e.g., 1 vs. 30)
  • Length of the study itself (e.g., 5 minutes vs. 90 minutes)

Therefore, we list the “Restrictions” and “Time Slot Length” in the table above to give you a rough understanding of how long any given study may take, relative to other studies listed.