Andrew B. Hall

Professor (by courtesy), Political Economy

Andrew B. Hall

Professor of Political Economy (by courtesy)

Professor of Political Science, School of Humanities and Sciences
Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
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Research Statement

Andrew Hall’s research is about understanding and improving democratic elections, policy, and governance. His current research seeks to understand how democratic elections can be safely administered during the COVID-19 pandemic, why political polarization has risen and how it could be reduced, and how American government can become more effective and innovative. To understand these topics, Hall’s research group collects large-scale new data on elections, policy outcomes, and individual behavior, and analyzes them using cutting-edge methods from econometrics, statistics, and data science.


Andrew Hall is a Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, a Professor at the Graduate School of Business. He is the co-director of the Democracy & Polarization Lab and a Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Currently, Hall’s research group is focused on understanding how to preserve democracy and safely administer elections in the time of COVID-19, how to reduce or manage political polarization, and how state, and local governments in the United States can become more dynamic and better able to grow, build, and innovate. Outside of this research, he serves as a consulting social scientist at Facebook, advising on key business and societal issues where social science expertise is relevant.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor, Department of Political Science, Stanford University, 2019–present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Stanford University, 2018–2019
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Stanford University, 2015–2018


Journal Articles

Service to the Profession

  • Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Political Science