Mohammad Akbarpour

Mohammad Akbarpour
Assistant Professor, Economics
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Assistant Professor of Economics
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Research Statement

I work on market design, the interaction of design and inequality, as well as networked markets. I'm particularly interested in understanding how the kidney exchange markets, school choice systems, and the labor markets evolve, and to improve their designs.

Research Interests

  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Matching/Auction Market Design
  • Social and Economic Networks
  • Over-the-Counter Financial Markets

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Economics, Stanford University, 2015
  • MS, Economics, Stanford University, 2014
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran, 2009

Academic Appointments

  • Research Fellow, Becker-Friedman Institute, University of Chicago, 2015-16
  • Assistant Professor, Economics, Stanford GSB, 2016

Awards and Honors

  • Review of Economic Studies Tour, 2015
  • B.F. Haley and E.S Shaw Fellowship for Economics (SIEPR Dissertation Fellowship), 2014
  • Sean Buckley Memorial Award, Best 2nd Year Paper Prize, Stanford University Economics Department and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 2012
  • Department of Economics Graduate Full-year Fellowship, 2011


Degree Courses


In this class we will analyze the economics and strategy of marketplaces and platforms for goods and services. We will consider the forces that have led to the proliferation of these marketplaces, as well as the economics behind which ones are...

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March 13, 2017
Research seeks ways to reduce wait times and increase matches for kidney transplants.

School News

November 2, 2016
This fall, the Stanford Graduate School of Business welcomed six new professors — including the 2016 winner of the prestigious John Bates Clark award, Yuliy Sannikov — and 11 lecturers.