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For those contemplating pursuing a search fund, or investing in one, the CES has created a practical guide to answer the most frequently asked questions. The Primer aims to provide an unbiased view of the benefits and challenges, explains the model from the entrepreneurs' and investors' perspective, and gives many operational and execution tips from previous search fund entrepreneurs.

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Conceived in 1984, the search fund is an investment vehicle in which investors financially support an entrepreneur's efforts to locate, acquire, manage and grow a privately held company. The model offers relatively inexperienced professionals with limited capital resources a quick path to managing a company in which they have a meaningful ownership position.

Since 1996, the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) at Stanford Graduate School of Business has conducted a series of studies on the performance of search funds (see links below). The CES has identified and tracked over 177 search funds raised since 1984, many of which have purchased companies successfully in the United States and Canada. The growing cohort of international funds located throughout Western Europe, Latin America, and India are now tracked by our counterparts at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. A 2013 CES analysis of 134 qualifying search funds found the aggregate pre-tax internal rate of return to be 34.9 percent, and the aggregate pre-tax return on invested capital to be 10.0x. For more information, please click on the link to "Search Funds Study 2013" below. Go to the Search Fund Study 2013.

Professor Irv Grousbeck, who helped conceive of the search fund and advises many of the entrepreneurs, expects that use of the search funds will continue to grow: "It's the most direct way I know for aspiring MBA entrepreneurs to get into business for themselves. And now that there are many experienced search-funders out there, those who have gone earlier are advising those who have come along more recently. Our objective is to have the search fund model grow, flourish, and be self-supporting, as one wave helps the wave behind it."

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Search Fund Library Contents

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