Lab Features

The RAIL environment prepares students for careers in investment management by replicating real-world experiences.

With 24 workstations laid out to mimic a trading floor and the CNBC broadcast blaring in the background, students become immersed in information while they use sophisticated software applications.

Students are expected to conduct their analysis by using applications to retrieve up-to-the-second information and make informed decisions. Whether they are going to buy, sell, or hold a stock, rebalance a portfolio of ETFs, or conduct an industry analysis of a company and its peers, the information and analytical tools are at their fingertips.

Lab Tools


The BarraOne platform allows students to analyze the riskiness of a portfolio across a wide range of different factors. Students can use the software to better understand the different fundamental exposures a given portfolio has, and can alter their investment weights to efficiently allocate the risk budget.


With its iconic color-coded keyboards, Bloomberg is the leading provider of global market data. The Bloomberg terminals provide news, quotes, analysis, and charts on virtually anything traded in the world.


FactSet is an efficient, easy-to-use market data platform that provides comprehensive quotes, news, and fundamentals for exchange-traded securities. It’s a great introductory platform for individuals getting acquainted with markets.


This is a powerful backtesting platform that allows students to observe the historical results of quantitative investment strategies. The software simulates real-world portfolio frictions such as commissions, market impact, rebalancing constraints, and short restrictions.

Rotman Interactive Trader

The RIT platform allows students to participate in a simulated closed market in which they must interact with each other to trade and set market prices. These simulations use information and price dynamics to replicate various market scenarios such as bubbles and crashes. The simulation software is analogous to a flight simulator, in that the instructor can script or create a scenario that tests a specific learning objective, and students can practice the objective repeatedly.

Rotman Portfolio Manager

The RPM software uses real market quotes and simulates portfolio management by handling the back-office operations required to track a portfolio of stocks. Students enter their trades into the RPM software and are provided with daily portfolio and profit reports, as well as benchmarking tools so that they can compare their results to those of their classmates.

S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a database that provides students with extensive stock screening and analysis tools. Through its data-linking abilities, students can quickly access original source filings through government data, and cross relationships for companies, corporate executives, investment firms, and managers.


Think-cell is software used by most consulting firms to create professional looking presentations. Not only can students use it for coursework, but proficiency at using think-cell could also be a valuable skill for students entering the workplace since many employers, including top consulting firms and investment banks, use it. Think-cell will facilitate the creation of 40+ chart types including waterfall, Gantt, and Mekko charts in just two to three minutes.

think-cell is free to Stanford Graduate School of Business students, faculty, and staff.