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Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation educates insightful leaders for social and environmental change.

Our mission is to bring social and environmental change to the world. Through research, education, and experiential learning, we strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

We envision a networked community of leaders actively working across sectors, frontiers, and disciplines to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world.


We provide research services and support to faculty conducting research on a variety of topics related to social innovation.


How we define what social innovation is, what drives it, and how it is distinct from social entrepreneurship.


We support teaching and curriculum development to educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, and students.


Drawing on both the extensive literature of impact measurement and the expertise of academics and practitioners in social innovation, our impact compass helps conceptualize impact and provides the tools to assess the relative social impact potential of various organizations, programs, or startup ventures.

Social Innovation Insights by Stanford Business