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Social Innovation

Stanford GSB supports you in your exploration of social and environmental issues, develops the skills you need to address them, and provides both a networked community and financial resources to help you get started.

The Center for Social Innovation enhances the offering of both the MBA and MSx programs with key opportunities for you to explore social innovation whether you ultimately choose to work in the corporate, nonprofit, government, or philanthropic world.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Be the Change You Want to See in the World
An introduction to the Stanford GSB Center for Social Innovation and how our social innovators are solving the world’s toughest problems.

Stanford GSB students leave prepared to become:

  • Corporate executives transforming large industries from within
  • Government leaders who can bridge the public and private worlds
  • Social entrepreneurs leveraging markets and business for the greater good
  • Effective nonprofit executives and board members
  • Skillful advocates moving social and environmental agendas forward
  • Active volunteers

Certificate in Public Management and Social Innovation

The certificate is an academic option within the MBA and MSx programs and is awarded to students who focus their elective coursework on topics in social and environmental management.

Social Innovation Curriculum

Our learning model allows you to tailor your education through a combination of context-building, overview, and deep-dive courses.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Embark on study trips, work with a mentor in the field, or participate in an investment committee, and learn how your education will help you make a difference.


Throughout your personal and professional journey, you may take on different community leadership roles. If you decide to support a social-purpose organization part-time or full-time and apply your management skills to public issues, Stanford GSB may provide funds and resources to help you.

Impact Journeys

Explore how students have engaged with impact during their time at GSB and post-graduation by interest area through extracurricular activities, coursework, faculty engagement, and community.

Community Connections

While at Stanford GSB, join a student club and learn from the experiences of your peers. Meet visiting speakers and gain insights into their fields of work. After you graduate, stay connected to alumni with similar interests.


Our impact compass helps conceptualize impact and provides the tools to assess the relative social impact potential of various organizations, programs, or startup ventures.